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Posted 5 May 2020

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Assets, our next module release is now live! For full details, visit the Asset Inspections page. 

This brand new module records everything relating to all of your company assets including plant, vehicles, PPE, IT and catering equipment.

All information about an asset, including inspections and maintenance, can be recorded and managed through our mobile app and online portal.

The Work Wallet system generates a QR code to attach to your asset. Just scan the QR code using the app and instantly see everything you need to know about that asset.

It is so easy to see the history, update any issues and assign actions. The system collates inspection reports and assignment records against each asset, providing a detailed reporting system to capture and record everything you need to know, all in one place.

With the mobile app, users can conduct inspections on the go, and all information is instantly stored and collated. PDF reports are created and sent automatically to the people that need them.

This module ensures your business and operations is fully compliant with health and safety at all times, you know all your equipment is working correctly and keeping your workforce safe when using it.

Assets has been developed based on feedback from our clients so we are confident it is going to be useful for you and your business.

If you have any further questions or would like to add this module to your wallet, please get in touch with us.

Stay safe!
Team Work Wallet


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