Connecting and Protecting Lone Workers Using Technology

Posted 3 May 2019

Industry News

Lone working is now a big part of the workforce, people being connected to a business is still very important even though they work individually. Statistics show that people feel happy and secure if they know they are part of a team, and good communication is the prime driver of these feelings.

Lone working is often, incorrectly, referred to as one person working on a site. But if any of your workforce work from home, on the go or on a different part of a site to others, they are lone workers and need to be treated as such.

With the use of app technology, it is now easier than ever to protect, lone worker policies and risk assessment documents can be created and accessed easily, making security of staff stronger and reporting of lone workers more accurate.

Lone working predominantly affects health and safety in an organisation, it does not necessarily increase risk but it does increase vulnerability.If an issue arises, such as accidents and emergencies, sudden illness, welfare issues and physical violence from members of the public or intruders, app technology can be used to raise the alarm instantly and discreetly.

Management can use technology to regularly check on lone worker welfare and maintain in regular communication with them.

Work Wallet is an app-based technology platform that makes communication with and control of lone workers easy.

The lone working feature allows workers to check in on the go, shows a real time map of active users and warns management if there is potential that a worker is in danger.


The app is simple to use, quick to report and ensures all your workers, including lone workers, are safe and secure when at work.

Companies using Work Wallet have found that, operationally, app technology is easy to use, understand and creates a personal connection with workers who are working away from the office, resulting in a productivity increase of 28%.


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