Getting back to work
using digital technology

Getting back to work and keeping your teams safe is a challenge with the added processes that are needed due to COVID-19.

Our All-in-one Health & Safety system can help you plan your back to work safety processes by using Rams, Audits and Remote Inductions and many more.

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Features to help keep a Covid Free Workplace

All the Work Wallet features are available in the palm of your hand through our innovative mobile app.
Keep both you and your team safe by accessing all the key health and safety tools you need on the go, all from one place.

Digital Remote Inductions

Create and send inductions digitally, no more office based face to face! Helps keep your workplace safe and operational

Covid Rams Documents

Keeping on top of extra processes and checks can be a burden, but with Work Wallet, all your safety compliance is all together in one place.

Instant Workplace Audits

See at a glance who's completed their checks and inspections, which sites are up-to-date with their compliance and everything is running as needed.

Company Digital Alerts

The rules and processes are always changing. Get alerts out to your team instantly update them with the information they need.

Change Peoples Behaviour

Sometimes people forget or they just won't change, yellow and then red card system helps people understand their actions and keep people safe!

Record Ill Health Quickly

Record ill health quickly on the App and alert management instantly, if serious your can send out alert to all the workforce in the affected area. Keeping your possible infections contained and keeping the workforce safe

Plan, Observe, Record

Everything to hand and view real-time the safety and operational issues in the workplace or site.

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