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Posted 1 Oct 2020

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Find it difficult to send Health and Safety briefings everyone on your site, workplace or workforce? Not anymore!

Our NEW Briefings Module is a digital tool that shares information with all of your team and workforce contacts.

Use it to share health and safety information, industry updates, toolbox talks and safety briefings, keeping you safe and operational.

You will find Briefings under  ‘People’ tab on your portal,  you can create your own content using text, pictures, videos and PDFs!

So, Safety briefings can be sent to everyone in your wallet or make it invite only, perfect for communicating from specific site messages about health and safety.

Read, agree, sign, give feedback and follow up actions, as a result creating a transparent information workflow

Benefits for Management is it connects every site and employee instantly as a result keeps you compliant and audit trial

Benefits for Employees
Easy to understand information and ability to feedback instantly.

So everyone can reach quickly, instantly aware of the Health and Safety issues and report back via the App.

Briefings gives me confidence when I send a health & safety message to the workforce they receive and understand it.” – Shane Moore CEO of QSC  find out more watch Shane’s interview

All Briefings sent out will show up on the recipient’s app homepage so you know they will easy see them and act if necessary

A recent survey of users said over 80% felt safer and more connected as a result of using Work Wallet!

Briefings works very well with our last new module release, Inductions, where you can create, deliver, complete off site.

So start today and communicate key health and safety briefings to your workforce!

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