Don’t let a HSE Inspection be a Horror Show!

Posted 31 Oct 2019

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Two thirds of UK construction companies have admitted they would likely fail or only ‘scrape through’ an on-the-spot site inspection by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Between April 2018 and March 2019, there were 30 work-related deaths in the construction industry, this is over 20% of the total number of work-related deaths in the UK over this time period. The fact that such a high number of businesses in the construction industry are so unconfident about their health and safety is worrying.

Health and safety is critical to any business, not just because of the obvious laws, but because it fundamentally keeps your workforce safe and your business compliant and operating.


36% of these companies admitted they thought they may fail due to lack of accurate recording of matters including staff training, equipment testing, site compliance and accidents at work.
36% of these companies also admitted to inaccurately recording health and safety compliance matters and 17% are still recording and filing health and safety data by hand.


There is no excuse for inaccurate recording of health and safety. There are tools and processes available to enable your workforce and management to efficiently record correct health and safety data. Technology has been the main driver of this. It simplifies and collaborates job and health and safety processes and the simplicity ensures accurate and efficient health and safety recording.

Recording and filing health and safety data by hand isn’t necessary anymore, it results in a lot of paperwork, which is both impractical and not very environmentally friendly. It is nearly 2020, and in this technological era there is no need for paperwork on a construction site. The digital platform removes the headache of chasing people for information and reducing the huge paper trail.

On demand, a company must provide the HSE with an up-to-date record of all their health and safety. This includes workforce training and qualifications, site safety and incident reports. Failure to do so will result in an unsuccessful on-the-spot inspection, with potential disastrous consequences for the business. You can be prosecuted, you can be fined or sent to prison.

Technology ensures a full and up-to-date trail of all health and safety information. You can see who has made changes, what they changed and where. This information is instantly available to anyone who needs it, for example management or the HSE.

Technology is driving the health and safety industry and is picking up pace in the construction industry. This time next year, the statistics above will be a lot lower as more companies adopt technology that boosts their confidence for a HSE inspection.

Work Wallet has been one of the main drivers to help support this technological takeover. By using the latest mobile technology, it enables businesses to accurately record all aspects of their health and safety and keeps a digital trail of every document, communication and report. This data is available instantly when needed and reduces the paper trail of every site.

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