Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who can use the app?

The Work Wallet mobile app is a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once downloaded to your device, a user will need to have a registered account with a business and will be able to log into their account on the homescreen of the app.

Can I access more than one Wallet's information?

Yes, a user can be given access to one or many “Wallets”. A “Wallet” is the collection of information a business has within the platform. A sub-contractor, for example, would work with many Suppliers and as such need access to different information day-to-day. Within the Work Wallet App and Portal, a user can easily switch between different “Wallets”, giving a powerful way for users to access a wide range of information for different businesses.

What phones does the app work on?

The Work Wallet mobile app work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Will new features be released in the future?

Yes, we are continually developing and improving the range of features available within Work Wallet. We send out regular email updates with news of new features available.

Do I have to be in the office to access the management system?

You can easily access the main management platform from any PC with internet access. This could be from home or any site location you need to access the platform. You will need the web address supplied during your registration and your user information to login.

Is it easy to add new users to our subscription?

New users can easily be added to the platform at any time. At the end of the month we calculate how many active users are in your account and adjust your payment appropriately. You won’t be charged for any inactive users or people who have left the business.

License Overview

Work Wallet offers a very flexible way for businesses to get greater visibility on their mobile work force. Businesses can easily sign up online and manage their account and our contracts allow large flexibility to try the platform or change the range of features available to their staff.

  • Simple, 1 month rolling contracts
  • Cancel within any month period
  • Easily Upgrade / Downgrade feature packages

Platform Support

If you have a support issue, please do get in touch with one of our dedicated team. You can email us at support@work-wallet.com, tweet us @work_wallet or for urgent issue please do call our support line number below.

01332 890318