Site Activity Log

Giving you a bird’s eye view of what's going on at your site(s).

Remove the piles of paperwork, multiple apps and systems to free up your time each day. See at a glance what's going on at your sites pulling information together in one health and safety app.
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Site Activity Log


Everything together, all in one place. That’s the core principle of Work Wallet, and Site Diary provides just that reassurance. Make the site activity log your focal point each time you access Work Wallet either via the app or through the portal. Easily see all your Health and Safety site activity; from inducted contractors, expiring permits, completed audits, with the addition of elements like weather forecasts for the day (or hour!).
Modernise your paper day book or remove the need for multiple systems and trying to tie them up to your electronic calendar.

Site Activity Log Features

Keeping on top of a busy site and its paperwork is a challenge, but with the Site Activity log, the system does the heavy lifting for you. See at a glance an hourly break-down of what's been going on without any extra admin, giving you time to focus on what's needed.
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  • All site activity automatically recorded in one place
  • Weather information and forecast data
  • Capture notes and site photos
  • Create a daily diary of site activity
  • Get a filtered view to see what's important at the time
  • Easily see the critical observations you need to be aware of and simply click on each to see the specific record.
  • Helping your site managers and directors easily understand what's going on at your sites.
Day History - clock in and out
Simple, hourly records of activity

With everything together, you can see an actual picture of activity and site information as the day progresses. With automatic feeds from all other connected modules, keeping an accurate diary of events has never been easier.

Accident Investigation - record and report anyway anytime
Plan the day or week for your sites

With elements like planned inspections or specific contractors on site requiring permits all logged into your site diary you can be more productive the more you use this feature within your wallet.

Make your investigations easier

If you need to understand what was happening on a specific day everything is very easy to find simply by clicking on the date. So you can see who was onsite, what permits were issued and closed out, what the weather was like, an high risk activity going on alongside all photos that were posted into Work Wallet that day. Combining this digital footprint of the day with talking to your people will provide a far stronger investigation to help prevent today's incident from becoming tomorrow's accident.

Management Benefits of Work Wallet
Record your own notes and photos

Build an actual picture of site records with the ability to easily add your own photos and notes. Record the overall site condition, deliveries that arrived, information for the next shift - capture it all in one place.

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