FREE Work Wallet Module for Everyone

Posted 18 Mar 2020

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During this period of uncertainty and change, the team at Work Wallet want to help you and your workforce.

With this in mind, we are giving everyone access to the Company Documents module for FREE!

Work Wallet is about connecting, it connects people, places and processes and makes it easier to communicate with people when they’re not in the office.

We are offering everyone, both current users and new, free access over the next 6 months to our Company Documents module on our mobile app and online portal.

Company Documents allows you to share important information and documents, for example, company policies, employee forms and site documents, from wherever you and your team are.

This will be really useful in the coming months as policies will be updated to reflect developments, information needs to be transferred between employees at home and sites will be operating differently.

This module will keep your team connected and up to date with important information, even with the change

To sign up for this FREE module, or any of our other modules, please contact us below. Together we can support each other.


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