How technology is changing our behaviour towards H&S in the workplace

Posted 18 Apr 2019

Industry News

Encouraging your workforce to communicate with you is a challenge.

New technology is breaking down these barriers and boosting collaborative working, and it is only going to get stronger.

Technology is constantly evolving and has changed the way we live and work. In recent years, the use of cloud-based systems has increased the efficiency of operations.

Tasks that used to be mountains of paperwork can now be done at the click of a button or swipe of a phone.

Health and safety is the next big area where technology is streamlining communications and influencing behaviour changes in the workforce.

Responsibility and compliance for health and safety lies with management but, in an ever-changing working environment, the entire workforce has a responsibility for it too.

Changing how your workforce operates can present challenges, especially if it has a big impact on their day to day work. App technology is helping to break down barriers of communication and positively changing workforce behaviour towards company practices.

This new technology, like Work Wallet, is designed to help you simplify and collaborate your health and safety processes and therefore connecting your workforce together. The digital platform removes the endless paper trail of traditional health and safety, everything is available to everyone connected in real-time, as and when they need it.

Work Wallet can be used to communicate across the entire workforce and supply chain. Documents can be issued by managers to site workers, who can instantly respond with any comments they have before they electronically sign and agree. This ensures everyone is working off and is aware of the most recent, up to date health and safety standards.

Managers can be instantly aware of any accidents or near-misses, and actions can be taken to prevent escalation and reoccurrence.

Technology is making implementing compliant health and safety easier than ever!

Over the next year, we predict a trend of higher efficiency, a decrease in the number of incidents and more thorough reporting of health and safety worldwide.

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