How technology is helping to build a bridge between mental wellbeing and business operations

Posted 22 Aug 2019

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Working environments are a major contributor to the population’s mental wellbeing, both positively and negatively.

1 in 6 workers is likely to be suffering from a mental health condition, whilst those who love their job and feel motivated are 45% less likely to be affected. Organisations have a duty of care to ensure workers are supported with their mental wellbeing, as well as legal responsibility under health and safety law. They need to support both emotionally by offering support, and physically by providing resources to help them to do their jobs.

Technology and mental health in the same sentence is often negatively perceived. However, at Work Wallet we know that using technology reduces the stress levels of employees and, considering 59% of UK adults experience stress at work, this will increase productivity of your business. Happiness is key to productivity.

Lone workers are more likely to suffer than those working alongside others, stress and anxiety at work is often caused by long hours, loneliness and isolation. Technology reduces engagement issues so organisations need to connect these employees and ensure they feel part of the organisation. Statistics show that people feel happy and secure if they know they are part of a team, and good communication is the prime driver of these feelings.Lone Working

Technology that reduces manual processes and therefore time, and provides employees with a platform they can complete their job efficiently has been proven to reduce stress and improve the mental wellbeing of employees.

Technology empowers and informs and therefore reduces unnecessary stress. In order to ensure technology has this impact, organisations need to keep technology up to date and easy to use. One of the top factors contributing to employee satisfaction is having the latest technology tools, those that don’t work or are difficult to use will contribute to stress and cause unnecessary extra work.

The Work Wallet platform not only supports your employees’ physical health and safety, it also supports their mental health and safety. Organisations have a basic duty of care to support mental wellbeing, but many do not understand its importance from a business operations point of view. To operate close to maximum productivity and look after your employees, you need to be using collaborative technology like Work Wallet.

It connects people, places and processes and ensures your employees are happy and healthy at work.