New Year, New Features

Posted 12 Dec 2019

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What’s new?

Actions speak louder than words.

You asked and we delivered…actions are here!

Actions can be used with Audits, Incident Reports and Safety Cards to instantly assign and receive tasks and amendments. Management are alerted as soon as actions are completed.

The actions feature has been designed based on feedback from our clients, so we are confident it is exactly what you need. This brand-new feature will improve efficiency of working by ensuring quick and effective rectification of any issues or potential issues, improving the overall health and safety of your business.

Tap, Act, Solve. Tap to assign a user, they act upon it and the issue is solved!

Creating and Updating Actions


Creating and assigning an action is really easy, click on the Audit, Safety Card or Incident Report that you want it to relate to and then click the + Create Action (portal) or (Number) Actions (app) button.

Add a title, description, assign it to a user, select the priority and a date it needs to be completed by. Click Save. This will send a notification to the user that they have been assigned an action, they can pick it up from their notifications tab and complete.

The Update Action button can be used to add comments, photos or to change the status of the action (In Progress/Closed).

This gives management and users a comprehensive overview of what exactly needs doing and by when.

Viewing Actions


Action lists can be viewed and filtered for individuals and sites.

An individual can view their own actions list on both the app and the portal and action lists for each site can be viewed on the site dashboard. This allows everyone associated with a site to keep track of what needs doing and the status of each action.

What’s Changed?

We have updated our Audits feature, mainly the introduction of audit scoring and customising audit options.

You can now use your own Audit Type labels. Either use one of the four standard Work Wallet types, Incident Inspection, Location Audit, Official Visit or Process Audit, or you can create your own names. Naming your own Audit Types allows familiarity and consistency across your users.

Against each type you can choose checklists, templates and job titles that are relevant.

There are 3 Checklist Types, simple, standard and detailed, each has a list of answers to questions on your audit. Simple has 3 options, standard has 4 and detailed has 6. For example, N/A, immediate or serious risk, potential serious risk, positive intervention, meets expected requirements or exceeds expected requirements. You can label the options with checklist responses to fit your current operations/preferences and these will also be pulled through to your app.

You can now score your audits, the average score of all of the sections determines whether the audit passes or fails. Each answer is assigned a number of points, for example, ‘exceeds expected requirement’ will assign 6 points. You can set which average score an audit needs to achieve in order to pass.

How will this benefit you?

We know you are going to find this update extremely useful. It is going to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your operations. Your workers know exactly what they should be doing and when by, managers can see exactly where they are at with each task.
  • Make your communication with your workforce more efficient. You can instantly relay to workers exactly what needs doing and by when.
  • Integrate Work Wallet into your current operations by aligning up names and labels your workforce is used to.
  • Improve the overall health and safety of your whole business and supply chain.


This is a very quick overview of the update, for more detailed information please visit the support articles on your account.

We hope you enjoy our latest addition to the Work Wallet platform as we continue to keep all your health and safety in one place! As always. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from everyone at Work Wallet!