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Are you ready to go digital?

Feb 2021

Are you looking to work remotely long term, or do you want to operate differently now COVID-19 has changed our...

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Derbyshire Blood Bikers Keep Safe Using Work Wallet

Jan 2021

Keeping safe on the roads is a full-time job for the charity Derbyshire Blood Bikers. The local charity provides an...

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Toolbox Talks - The 5 Golden Rules

Dec 2020

Toolbox Talks also go by many other names including Safety Minutes and Safety Moments. Here at Work Wallet, we call...

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Health and Safety Software Technology to stay safe at work

Nov 2020

In 2020 Health and Safety Software transformed the way we work and communicate

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Safety Briefings

Oct 2020

Our NEW Briefings Module is a digital tool that shares information with all of your team and workforce contacts.

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