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The German zookeeper who was injured by a lion recently?

This was classed as an industrial accident, by forgetting to close a connecting door the lion was able to get close enough to pounce and injure the zoo keeper.

Using mobile technology in high-risk areas means those all important tasks like a step by step procedures: in this case how to enter and clean a lion enclosure can remind people of what to do!

People normally access a folder with a paper task list, this is problematic as people forget or sometimes can be out of date.

Technology job alerts you daily of whats required and using digital Audits it tells you to what you need to do before entering the area.

public sector reporting using health and safety software

Most workplaces have a laminated tick lists on the wall, but increasing now we are seeing large QR codes signs on walls, enabling staff can scan the code and get the updated procedures on their phone

The right image is an example of OR codes being used on site

What if you spot a risk on the job?

In a high-risk environment, such as a lion’s enclosure for example Safety briefing alerts would help inform staff of any potential risks, update on a daily or even hourly basis. “nearly time for the cubs to arrive or the lions are aggressive today” anyone working can immediately see the risks of operating in the environment.

* You’ll be pleased to hear that zookeepers injuries were not fatal and the lion is safe within the zoo.

Digital reporting of accidents and incidents

Obviously a full accident investigation will be performed for this industrial accident, human mistakes are inevitableAccident Reporting App

It’s very easy to report accidents digitally because you can easily take photographs with your mobile app.

Tap, write and photograph then automaticely store them in your accident report using a mobile app.

You can now just dictate into the reporting app and it will record rather than tapping the screen.

Your accident report can be very detailed, info gathered quickly and responsively, so management can get details quickly to support and reflect on procedure

Actions for improvements can be assigned to users and easily tracked within the health and safety system.

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