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FREE Feature - Alert Broadcasting

During these times of uncertainty and worry, the team at Work Wallet have been working hard to find ways in which we can develop the platform to support you, your workforce and your supply chain to adapt to COVID-19.  
Alert Broadcasting 1

Our first new feature in light of this is Alert Broadcasting, a FREE, brand new communication tool we have built in to both the mobile app and online portal.  

Managed from the Admin Portal, messages can be sent out wallet-wide (i.e. all users of the app, between certain dates if necessary) to communicate messages quickly and accurately to everyone. 

Over the next few months, as we all change the way we work in light of COVID-19, policies and documents are going to change regularly and you are going to need your workforce to change their behaviour to reflect developments and precautions.  

This needs to be communicated and acted on instantly and our new module has been developed to allow just that.  

Alert Broadcasting

To send an alert, log in to your portal. Go to Settings and then Mobile Device Management.  

Scroll to the bottom and there is the Alert Management section. 

You have option to: 

Enable alert 
Set a start / end date 
Include the required message 
The users will see your message when they open the app and at the bottom of their home screen. Push notifications will be live very soon, we will let you know as soon as they are.  

Over the next few months our main objective is to help both our clients and other businesses to work through this period of uncertainty and we will be regularly updating the platform with new features and improvements to do this.  

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