Jonny Gray and Adam Civval Work Wallet Founders

Derby Entrepreneurs Workplace Health and Safety App

'Two Derby tech entrepreneurs are delighted that their innovative health and safety app is helping businesses to get safely back to work'
as featured by the Business Desk.

Jonny Gray and Adam Civval set up Work Wallet four years ago to help companies within the rail, construction and manufacturing industries keep their sites, staff, and contractors safe and operational.”

“but over the last few months, we have seen a 500% surge in demand for the health and safety software as businesses across the country look to adapt and improve their health and safety.” confirmed Jonny Gray.

‘The company now boasts clients in UK, Europe and Asia and is looking to further expand its team from its HQ in Derby’ highlights Business Live.

Housing all the relevant information in one place, Work Wallet can track a range of requirements, including permits to work, site safety briefings, RAMS, audits, accident reporting, risk assessments and digital inductions.

The primary purpose is to improve communication when it comes to health and safety.


The all-in-one health and safety platform has 10 modules that easily feeds information to employees and facilitates the receipt of feedback for management.

Helping Health & Safety Professionals Go Digital

Jonny (48), who won Tech Business Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2017 Derby Telegraph Business Awards said: “Work Wallet was designed to be simple to use.  Technology is successful if people understand quickly how to use it and the benefits of using it.”

“The pandemic has meant that more firms want to use digital platforms for their health and safety to enable them to remotely manage their return to operation.”

“This is exactly what Work Wallet does – it helps to connect people and workplaces and improve processes to keep sites safe and operational, which is why we have seen such a huge growth.”

Now more than ever, business owners have realised that keeping their employees safe and productive is fundamental to success and survival during the pandemic.  This has contributed to the success of Work Wallet.

Jonny added: “Work Wallet is allowing essential industries to move forward and out of the pandemic.

“With the app development to allow businesses to record people on site, conduct remote health and safety inductions and get all the high-risk information needed to issue permits to work our clients are embracing all of the functionality on offer.”

“I think these benefits, along with allowing firms to move from traditional paper-based systems to digital platforms, has helped us to achieve this growth.

“We are delighted that Work Wallet has seen such big success in the past 12 months – we have some new contracts in the pipeline and the future is certainly looking bright.”

Health and Safety Management Software - keeping you safe and compliant

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