The NEW workplace dilemma!

The big question over recent months has been about going back to the office.

There’s been lots of commentary from industry experts and politicians about how we should proceed.

hybrid working days the new vogue and will it carry on, If so, what’s the impact from a health and safety perceptive?
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Whilst constructions sites have been busier than ever, manufacturers have adapted conditions to help with the 2m rule and medical facilities utilise PPE to carry on whilst keeping their team safe what about those other roles and their traditional workplaces?

Culture in workplaces and workspaces is changing as technology has allowed commerical services to resume without attending the office.

In a recent article in Business Live  (read more here).  Jon Lewis, Capita’s chief executive, says  Call centres are to some extent, a historic capability today. There’s no reason why you need to put 2,000 people in a warehouse in the UK.

Those people can work from home. It isn’t dead, but there’s certainly going to be a lot less of them.”

The HSE outlined the responsibilities for employers which is

‘When someone is working from home, permanently or temporarily, as an employer you should consider’

  • Do you need to put control measures in place to protect them?
  • Can it be done safely?
  • What work activity will they be doing (and for how long)?
  • How will you keep in touch with them?


Is this something that you are still struggling to get in place ?

The digital transformation has certainly been quicker and more effective than any business leaders envisaged.

Jonny our CEO recently said “I’ve realised that what I really miss about working in the office is being around other people and the general buzz.”

By providing this place of ‘cultural anchor’ for your team, or a base they can come and be with colleagues when needed, means embracing the growing functionality of information and communication technologies.

Changing your operating conditions.

Risk Assessment on the go or prepare and send to workers on site - its easy to do and monitorThe government has highlighted what is possible for the hospitality and leisure industry to open over the next few months which is a relief to all the nation.

The changes, most of which the industry saw last year, will still need to have a strong health and safety approach for staff and paying customers alike.

There’s been lots of commentary on the vaccine passport for the hospitality industry with a recent comment from the industry that the vaccine passport scheme unworkable, says UKHospitality.

Does tech enable some of the things that seem impossible for organisations within this sector possible?

Most customers turn up with a smart phone on their being and that could help navigate the next few months which will certainly be tricky. By looking at other countries who have reopened and run things like festivals with all attendees being tested prior to entry apps help track and prove safe operations.

The HSE view is

‘When someone is working from home, permanently or temporarily, as an employer you should consider:
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