Pleased to announce that Bowmer + Kirkland are using Work Wallet

Posted 21 Feb 2019

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Work Wallet the  App Health and Safety Platform which is transforming recording and reporting in the construction industry is being adopted by Bowmer + Kirkland across the country.

The Work Wallet reporting system has been used on 15 B+K construction sites since September and is already proving to be the easiest and most efficient way of recording and reporting.

Work Wallet is an app-based platform accessed through a mobile phone and B+K Director of Health + Safety, Mark Blundy, says:

It is helping our site management teams to keep track, report and update in an easy and efficient way.

“There are other apps in the industry that have been used for many years, but Work Wallet is completely bespoke. We can’t buy something off the shelf to suit our needs.

This is the simplest piece of technology in terms of usage and in time when we have all our requirements in one place, it will become a very, very helpful tool.”

Work Wallet can do 80%-90% of the paperwork that the site team currently does and recording is instantaneous.

Work Wallet’s Jonathan Gray, said: “We are delighted that B+K are benefiting from using Work Wallet and we are looking forward to the future working closely with the team.”