An innovative Rail Health and Safety app

A smarter way to reduce your risk

Risk Assessments

Dynamic Risk Assessments with Real-Time updates provide a highly effective form of key information sharing.

Clock In/Clock Out

Check-in to a job, with the location verified using location services.

Near-Miss Reporting

Live information and data shared between many teams allow for quick and quality responses to incident reports.

Digital ID Documents

Store all your employees' required ID within the app, ensuring they always have the paperwork required.

Why use Work Wallet?

With the H&S law changing in regards to unlimited fines on H&S accidents, when companies are taken to court by the HSE they are being fined significant sums, often six to seven figures which before Feb 2016 would of been significantly less.

Work Wallet has been specifically designed as a Rail Health and Safety app and has the potential to not just save significant operational costs, but make a real difference in improving employees and contractors’ safety and ultimately saving lives in the process.

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  • Basic

  • £ 10 per employee, per month
    • Innovative Mobile App
    • Health and Safety Management
    • Employee Information
    • Vehicle Management
    • Company Information
  • Enhanced

  • £ 17.50 per employee, per month
    • All features of the basic plan
    • Enhanced Reporting
    • Setup Assistance & Support

Rail Workforce Statistics 2016

Major Injuries
Minor Injuries
Shock & Trauma
Total Casualties

Key Information in Real Time

The smart technology enables businesses to connect their office staff, mobile workforce and contractors, ensuring their workforce supply chain is H&S compliant and transparent.

With all of this information joined up, we have been able to create a system that reduces the blind spots that can occur when multiple sources of information need to work together.

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