Why Work Wallet?

Work Wallet fully understands that within the rail industry safety is at the heart of everything you do. From the safety of your workforce – employees and contractors – to the safety of passengers and other members of the public.

Safety assurance, accountability and measurement of performance are all paramount to your reputation.

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Site Inductions


Near Miss Reporting

ID Verification

Key information in one centralised place





Real Time Data

Network availability is another key performance measurement. Where reporting is often cyclical and measured frequently, providing timely access to these reports as soon as it is available via Work Wallet can speed up the process of qualifying the impact of any planned engineering works.

Flexible for your business

When choosing your Work Wallet you can select the modules to reflect the way you manage your construction business and change or add new modules as and when you need to. Regardless of the size of your construction or supply chain business, we will provide all the training and support you need to get your Work Wallet working for you.

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