The importance of reporting near-misses, and encouraging your workforce to do so

Posted 9 May 2019

Industry News

That was a close call! How many times do we hear that in a week? Traditionally, we don’t actually record it, we are just relieved that nothing happened because of it.

In today’s working environment, close calls, near-misses, whatever you want to call them, are a fundamental part of health and safety as they prevent more serious incidents taking place.

A healthy approach for businesses to increase their near-miss reporting is to actively reward and encourage employees to use app reporting systems.

Workforces are regularly failing to record near-misses, creating a headache for management. Fear, embarrassment, lack of knowledge of what constitutes a near-miss or how to report it, and lack of motivation were the most common answers given when talking to Work Wallet clients who had this issue.


So the reality is – it is far easier for workers to ignore than report, and pretend it didn’t happen!


Reporting near-misses must be part of a company’s culture. Individuals and the full workforce supply chain must be educated on why they need to report; but fundamentally it must be easy for them to do so and they must be confident in the fact they will not be blamed or punished.

Reporting near-misses on a site is crucial for identifying potential weaknesses in procedures, practices and equipment, and highlighting any knowledge or training gaps. This ensures maximum future safety of the site, workers and supply chain of any business.

Research has shown that the number of accidents or incidents significantly reduces if you have a thorough near-miss reporting system, making it a critical aspect of health and safety.

With Work Wallet, you can report all near-misses instantly and provide more details including photos and instantly provide location points. This ensures incidents and concerns are reported quickly and consistently, and behavioural safety is the norm.

We are interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on reporting near-misses, is this/has this been a problem for you, and do you think app-based technology reporting works? Let us know on LinkedIn or our website.

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