A smarter, safer way to work

Stay ahead of your competition and improve the way you share compliance data across your entire business.


Reducing risk and protecting your people


Work Wallet’s mobile and cloud based modules can be configured specifically to follow the health and safety processes of your individual business. Maximising its effectiveness in reducing the risk of adverse events in your workplace – by recording and managing accidents, incidents and near misses in one central place, in real-time.

  • Multi-site logging and reporting capability
  • Protect your business from reputational damage and litigation
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Saving your business valuable time and money


Having a centralised source for storing and sharing information minimises the duplication of work and the need for multiple communications. Keeping everything online in Work Wallet replaces inefficient paper forms and processes. Giving your managers the information they need at their fingertips to make decisions and resolve issues quickly and globally, resulting in faster and more efficient project delivery.

  • Minimise paperwork and drive up productivity
  • Avoid costly financial penalties and reduce insurance premiums
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Reduce your information blind spots


Work Wallet integrates with your existing back-end systems, giving easy access to cross company documentation on a variety of mobile devices. Ensuring staff are fully compliant and always viewing the most up to date versions of important company resources. Whether this is for new employees requiring timely access to online induction training, or a contractor on site needing to provide confirmation of relevant ID and safety checks having taken place.

  • Control and visibility at every stage
  • Easy upload feature for storing ID instantly
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Giving everyone the tools they need when and where they are


Work Wallet enables you to provide important information and alerts directly to everyone within an organisation instantaneously. With an audit trail to show inconsistencies or gaps, decisions can be made and actioned quickly, avoiding costly project delays. With flexible, easy to use software that can be accessed on a mobile app or on a web browser, your employees and contractors will benefit immediately, making everyday tasks quicker and easier. Keeping important company processes such as clocking-on and off as simple as a click or swipe of a button.

  • Easy access via a mobile app or web platform
  • Reminders and alerts for compliance with company policies and procedures
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