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Keep on top of your Assets with the Inspection module!
Create Assets of any type, record custom information, track defects and assign to your sites and users.

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Inspection features

Work Wallet's mobile technology gives users simple tools to conduct regular asset inspections.

Scan and Go

The Work Wallet system will automatically generate a unique QR code for each of your Assets, allowing your users to quickly scan and inspect.

Record Asset Assignment

Assign your Assets to your Users, or to Sites in your Address Book. Keep on top of where key items are at all times.

Capture Custom Information

Stepping through an Asset Inspection couldn't be easier. Set custom questions (such as mileage) when inspecting as well as store core Asset information.

Track Defects

With the Smart Defect tool - any open issues can be detected when a user is completing an inspection, resulting in quality and tracked information.

Assign Actions

Easily assign actions and track open issues with the global actions feature.

All in one place

Easily see your Asset's Inspection history, all the completed reports, the change in assignment over time along with open defects and actions.

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