Easily Clock In/Out of your work sites or location

The Work Wallet app let's your users easily share their current location, clocking into sites, temporary locations, or anywhere they need to be!

Easy to use Clock In/Out Solutions

Part of managing an effective Health & Safety practice is understand where your team are, so you can ensure they have the best information to hand at all times. The Work Wallet app let's your users easily clock in to any location, so you can see a real-time view of where everyone is.

  • Easy Clock In on app
  • Supports various modes
  • View a history of clock-ins
  • Records Device Location on Clock In
  • Real-time map of active users
  • Linked Lone Working Support

Easy to use App Solutions

With the Work Wallet app, your users can easily clock into work sites, or wherever they need to be to deliver a rich picture of your team's current location.

Full Day Records for each user

Keep a comprehensive log of each user's clock in activity, all stored centrally in one easy to access place.

Real-Time Map

With the Work Wallet portal, your management team can easily see a real-time view of where your teams are and their last clock-in locations.

Linked Lone Working Feature

Have a job that involves lone working elements? You can configure Work Wallet so that when your users clock in as usual, they are given Lone Working check-in points so you can easily stay in touch.

Included in Go for Connectivity

Clock In/Out is available as a custom module from just £2 per month. View our pricing page for a full range of modules available.
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