Clock in/out of
your work sites or locations

Part of managing an effective health & safety is understanding where your team are.

The Work Wallet app let's your users easily share their current location, clocking in to sites, temporary locations, or anywhere they need to be

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Quick and easy to use tools for clocking in

Your users can easily clock in to work sites.

You can see where and when they did, giving you a real-time overview of your sites and your remote worker locations.

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Clock in/out features

Clock in and out of jobs and sites, easy to use with the management dashboard recording everything you do!

Clock in/out of sites or jobs

Don't need to worry about finger scanning, tap the app and it logs you in on site or your job

Real-time map of active users

Management dashboard gives site managers or directors a real-time understanding of who is on site.

Lone working countdown clock

Helps tracking of lone working individuals, set the clock and if they don't report in it alerts management.

View a history of clock-ins

See all history of clocking in and out's of the management system as well as records of device location.

Full day records

for each user

Keep a comprehensive log of each user's clock in activity, all stored centrally in one easy to access place.

Real-time map

With the Work Wallet portal, your management team can easily see a real-time view of where your teams are and their last clock-in locations.

Linked lone working feature

Have a job that involves lone working?

You can configure Work Wallet to have lone working check-in points so you can easily stay in touch or get alerted automatic if someone doesn't respond.

Instant visibility of who's on site

Work Wallet let's your users easily share their current location, clocking in to sites, temporary locations or anywhere they need to be.

  • Easy clock in on app
  • Supports various modes
  • View a history of clock ins
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