ID & Training Records

Securely store your users' ID & Training Records so they always have a copy on hand

All your ID to hand at all times

Need to take a quick detour to another job and wish you'd picked up that CRB form before you left the office? With the Work Wallet app, your users have access to their own information at all times, ensuring everyone has everything they need.

  • Securely Store ID
  • Proactive Expiry Monitoring
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Data Centers
  • Easily Share Info with the app
  • Training, Qualification & ID Records
  • On hand 24/7 with the app

Secure ID & Training Records

Keeping everyone's personal information in a secure, centralised place is really important, which is why Work Wallet allows you to keep everything together in our industry leading ISO/IEC 27001 secure Data Centers.

Proactive Expiry Checks

Don't let expiry checks on ID Documents be a manual process - Work Wallet will automatically monitor your team's ID and training records to help ensure everyone is compliant at all times.

Simple Sharing tools

Need to send a copy of your ID to the site manager or one of your contacts? No problem, you have all the sharing tools you need, whenever you need them.

Altius Verification

Our partnership with Altius - specialists in supply chain compliance - can verify your team's ID, giving you an extra badge of certification.

Part of 'Go for Connectivity'

ID and Training Records is available as a custom module from just £1 per month. View our pricing page for a full range of modules available.
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