Deliver effective and easy-to access digital inductions

With the Work Wallet app, inductions need no longer be in the classroom - you can easily deliver rich induction material that is accessible anytime by your team

Mobile Inductions Content Delivery

Employees and contractors can easily access inductions from their mobile ensuring all safety requirements are known to them before attending a site.

  • Create Employee Induction Packs
  • Module Expiry and Auto Re-Test
  • Drag 'n Drop Videos and Documents
  • Digital Acceptance
  • Create Online Tests
  • Full Employee Induction Audit

Mobile Based Induction Content

With the Work Wallet App, your team can easily check on their inductions and progress, 24/7. Training doesn't need to be confined to the classroom, you can access your video and course material, whenever, wherever, allowing users to have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Easily enroll and manage users

The online portal easily allows you to manage and enroll users onto various courses.

Effective Training Tools

Deliver feature-rich induction material including Videos, Documents and Multiple Choice Tests.

Created Linked Modules

Do you have some inductions with shared content between them? The Work Wallet setup allows you to share modules between inductions, so any standard content doesn't need to be repeated every time - reducing wasted man-hours and improving efficiency.

Part of 'Go for Connectivity'

Inductions is available as a custom module from just £5 per month. View our pricing page for a full range of modules available.
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