All your job information to hand

Gather your site information, Risk Assessments, Job Photos, Documents and Audits all together in one place

Job Management

Work Wallet provides a range of features to help keep all your job information together and in one place. Risk Assessments, Documents, Job Photos, Audits and more can all be linked and available in the mobile app.

  • Easily Manage and Record your Jobs
  • Create Linked Risk Assessments
  • Record Job Photos in the mobile app
  • Share documents with your team
  • Link Audits to share with your customers
  • Combine info into a single Job Pack PDF

Linked Information

Using the range of features available in Work Wallet allows you to quickly build up a range of linked information and processes for your jobs. Information, Risk Assessments, Audits, all together in one place.

Job Pack Creation

With a click of a button, you can easily create a combined Job Pack PDF that brings all of your linked reports together as a single pack for you to easily distribute to your clients.

Document Distribution

Distribution and acceptance logs are key to protecting businesses in the event of a Health & Safety incident. Work Wallet captures and stores all document distributions for your peace of mind and business accountability.

Everything to hand

The app is there for you, on the go. Take job photos, add some notes, view the Risk Assessment or do a quick audit of the work. Whatever you need to do, you can do it then and there.

Part of all our bundles

Job Management is available as a custom module from just £2 per month. View our pricing page for a full range of modules available.
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