Lone Working Protection

Help protect your lone workers with the Work Wallet app. When clocking into a lone working job, users can easily check in at defined intervals, giving you peace of mind and the latest data for their location.

  • Check-in on the go with the app
  • Manager Warning Alerts
  • Check-in history
  • Variable Check-in intervals
  • Location logs for each check-in
  • Reminder notifications

Check-In on the Go

With the Work Wallet mobile app, lone workers can easily check in while on a job. With a handy count-down timer on their homescreen, they can easily see how long they have before needing to check-in.

Set Check-In Intervals

Only going to be on site for a few minutes, or working in a particularly high risk environment? Easily set the check-in interval in the Work Wallet portal, relevant for each job.

View Check-In History

In the Work Wallet portal, managers can easily see a record of each check-in a worker has made and their location, giving them full visibility on what's happening.

Manager text alerts

Worker not checked in on time? The Work Wallet system will text and notify relevant managers that a worker is in potential danger.

Part of 'Go for Connectivity'

Lone Working is available as a custom module from just £1 per month. View our pricing page for a full range of modules available.
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