Inviting all Health & Safety Consultants – Lets Connect

Posted 16 Aug 2019

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Are you a H&S Consultant and want to know more about Work Wallet certified partners?

Work Wallet is very proud to be working along side Health and Safety consultants  in a variety of  industries.

When we launched Health & Safety Consultant partnership scheme we weren’t expecting the uptake we have had.

The scheme allows Health and Safety Consultants to collaborate and connect with clients who have an Work Wallet account, this gives consultants realtime overview of what is going on and nip things in the bud if there are problems.

Graham Bennett of Backstop Consulting Ltd is our latest Health and Safety Consultant to partner with Work Wallet.

“Work Wallet helps me instantly view my client’s health and safety records and pick up any problems in real-time, improving both the service I offer and my clients’ health and safety practices.

“The time is saves me writing reports and communicating with my clients is worth its weight in gold.”

The system helps with streamlining the paperwork processes and enables H&S consultants to have all their clients H&S on Work Wallet.

Rams, Audits and Site reports are very popular with our consultants as they cut down time creating, distributing and you can track who has read them.

Accident and incident reporting is far our most popular service, it collects critical information quickly via the app and interestingly the Near miss reporting (which is part of the Accident and Incident Reporting unit),  is used by workers on site, which is traditionally an area that companies find difficult to get any engagement from, we have seen 60% increases in reporting since being introduced.

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