Work Wallet Features

Work Wallet offers a wide range of features to help businesses improve their processes in managing their mobile workforce. By pro-actively joining up People, Places, Processes and Physical Assets, Work Wallet offers insights to user actions, or inactions, that stand-alone systems will miss.


Work Wallet offers a full range of features to keep a record of, and provide digital copies of users’ various ID.

With easy access through the mobile app, users have a convenient way of being able to keep safe a range of verified ID that is with them all the time.

Our partnership with Altius VA also allows businesses to verify individuals’ records and ID.

Knowing who on-site is qualified in what aspects, is a highly important aspect of employee and contractor management.

Work Wallet offers a range of tools to be able to log users’ training and qualification logs. With handy features such as auto expiry alerts, you can at a glance see the status of all you need to know.

Manage your users time on site, with location-based clock in/out solutions.

Verify users’ location on site and receive alerts if someone leaves the site without clocking out.

Site Inductions are a really important aspect of keeping people safe on site, though often people who visit multiple sites have to sit through many hours of the same briefing. This can lead to many lost man-hours every month, while people lose time watching the same briefing video at every site they visit.

Work Wallet offers a centralised place to keep a record of users’ induction records. This means if they arrive at a site they’ve not been to before, they only need to spend time completing the site-specific modules, rather than sit through the whole process from start to finish.


Work Wallet gives site managers and other people on site a holistic overview of every key actions that are happening on site. Get a full overview of people on site, current Risk Assessments, Incident & Accident Reports, Weather conditions, Planned Site Audits, Site Induction & Training schemes, and much more.

Work Wallet allows you to fully manage your sites, and sites of companies in your address book. Your employees and contractors can easily find key site information and Clock In/Out when needed.

vehicleProactive Safety Management is at the core of the Work Wallet platform. Our aim is to provide a “Digital Man on the ground”, providing automated assistance in identifying issues before they become a problem.

Linking up data from different parts of the system is key. By delivering alerts to users and managers, we can show meaningful information that can be acted upon quickly and efficiently.


Risk and Method Statement (RAMS) Documents are a key backbone in any Health and Safety policy. The danger is that they become a red tape, paper-pushing exercise and often key pieces of information can be missed or just unseen at the bottom of a file.

Work Wallet’s Dynamic RAMS documents provide a new method of engagement. Important information is now presented to users as they approach a site, rather than being left in the back of the van.

The ability to easily edit documents on fly and redistribute to all named individuals ensures everyone has all the information to hand, as soon as they need it.

accidentAccident and Health and Safety Concern Reporting is a huge process that needs to be monitored, followed up on and logged fully.

Through the mobile app, users are able to report Health and Safety concerns quickly, with high-quality data such as automatic location logging and supporting photos.

This results in site managers being able to respond quicker, saving time and stopping a potential accident before it happens.

Work Wallet provides tools to allow users to conduct planned site audits. Easily check off a list of required items for review and log any issues. All within the app, capturing accurate information and in real-time.

Physical Assets

vehicleKeep a full log of vehicles within your business. Assign to staff, log maintenance, keep records of inspections, all within the Vehicle Management Module.

Users can easily submit mileage updates through the mobile app, as well as request a service, perform safety checks, and much more.

Work Wallet allows you to easily manage your equipment inventories and assign them to employees. This helps easily keep on top of who has each type of equipment ensuring everyone has what they need to access a range of sites.

Users can request replacements through the app and the system will help alert you if equipment needs its scheduled maintenance check.