Equipment Inventory & Assignment

A full auditable log of equipment within your workforce

Equipment Inventory

Keeping on top of assets and who has been assigned different equipment can be challenging, particularly with a fluid workforce where items can be exchanged between colleagues. Work Wallet provides all the tools needed to manage your equipment, including PPE, tools, and other assigned items.

You can easily build your list of assets with unique identifiers which in turn can be assigned to your users so you can keep on top of who has what. With other core features, such as maintenance schedules, asset tag scanning, peer-to-peer exchanges and much more, Work Wallet provides all the tools you need to help your workforce stay safe.

Assign Equipment

Easily keep a record of who has individual items of equipment

Maintenance Schedules

Get automatic reminders and alert your team in the field in advance of equipment needed scheduled maintenance

Request Replacements

Users can easily request replacement equipment through the app, if theirs is lost or damaged.

Asset Tag Scanning

Quickly assign yourself items and exchange them, with QR asset tags

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