Site Inductions & Digital Training

Provide joined up and dynamic induction content to your workforce

Site Inductions


Site Inductions are a core part of ensuring the safety and well-being of the team operating on that site. Often, people can work across multiple sites and have to sit through many inductions and training material. Work Wallet allows you to link up core modules in different inductions, ensuring greater efficiency within your team.

With induction packs dynamically delivered through the mobile, tablet app and desktop portal, your users always have access to the latest training material with powerful insights and reporting for site managers and department heads.

Shared Modules

Share the same core content across many inductions reducing wasted time.

Optimised Video

Stream video training to devices in the optimal format for each device and connection

Multiple Choice Tests

Easily create your own test packs with a range of options

Auto Expiry

Ensure your users are up-to-date with the latest info with auto module expiry and re-tests

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