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Big benefits for rail clients Freightliner uses Work Wallet to manage site safety

Hear directly from Freightliner staff at their Southampton depot about how they use Work Wallet's digital safety tools on site, and the big benefits they get from doing so

Using Work Wallet has allowed Freightliner Southampton to vastly improve on our previous briefings delivery method and our controls. Overall, moving from paper to digital has significantly improved staff communication, as well as making on-site contractor safety, document control and job assignment better.

Freightliner Shane Hill Ops Manager
Shane Hill
Operations Support Manager, Freightliner (Southampton)
with train and crane and people inspecting them

Identifying the problem

Freightliner runs busy rail freight depots throughout the UK, including one on the south coast of England, at the international port of Southampton. Thousands of tons of cargo arrives at Southampton Docks every day in shipping containers, needing to be loaded on to trains for onward distribution around the UK. Hundreds of containers also make the reverse journey, bound for destinations around the globe.

In such a busy environment, with so many moving parts, health and safety needs to be a top priority, or significant injuries and fatalities are likely.

Freightliner Southampton identified that its traditional paper-based briefing processes were inadequate. They meant employees and site visitors were either missing out on essential safety information, or that information took too long to share properly that it was often out of date.

With a mix of extremely large and heavy plant equipment on site too – including trains, cranes and reach-stackers – equipment failure is not an option, from both safety and operational productivity perspectives. Freightliner needed a way to speed up its asset inspections, keep better track on maintenance issues, and schedule repairs.
DILTO Freightliner - Shane using the app

Finding the solution

Embracing paperless working, Shane was tasked with reviewing and trialling the diverse options available on the market to digitalise Freightliner Southampton’s health and safety processes.

After detailed comparison with competing platforms, he identified Work Wallet as the system that would benefit Freightliner the most.

In particular, Shane wanted a system with easy-to-use and simple-to-learn interfacing, which could be rolled out at the depot quickly and with minimal fuss, and remove the need for paper files. Employees also needed to be able to manage processes from the site office or use it on the go on the depot floor, with seamless communication between the two that would help build a stronger safety culture.

The flexibility to choose specific modular solutions as required, from the wider suite of Work Wallet products, at an affordable price, was a big bonus.

I find the app really easy to use. I use it for safety checks on the machines, and getting safety briefings, and it has helped us a lot.

DITLO Freightliner - Tyrone the crane driver
Tyrone Boraine
Crane and Reach-stacker Driver, Freightliner

I find it really easy to navigate. I can do my audits and briefings, and look them back up later. It holds other documents that are specific to my tasks and duties at work, which is very handy, being all in one place.

Terry Garner, Freightliner BD Analyst
Terry Garner
Business Development Analyst, Freightliner
Freightliner asset inspection on the mobile app

Delivering the outcomes

Freightliner Southampton now uses Work Wallet to deliver its safety briefings instantly, and to monitor and track responses and acknowledgements of its key messages. Messages which could have previously taken hours to filter through to employees now reach them in a matter of seconds, and Shane can see they have been received and understood.

Employees out on site at the depot are able to check the assets they use more easily. Each asset has a designated QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet, allowing it to be verified as fit for use after a physical inspection. Users can also report defects in real-time for repair or rectification, and assets can be scheduled for regular maintenance more easily with built-in alerts.

Shane also has better visibility of who is on site when, and doing what, managing contractors and visitors more closely with the permit to work system.

Other modules can be easily added as well when needed. Shane is currently evaluating the Risk Assessment module as well – which will integrate with Freightliner’s existing modules, streamline its safety assessments, and help it reduce paper output even further.

The app has been so successful at the Southampton depot that Freightliner will also be rolling out the system across all it's UK depots in the near future.

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