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5 interesting facts

  • The software is used in 25 countries
  • The system was launched with 4 modules
  • Over 500 demos of our health and safety software were given in the first 6 months of 2023
  • Our first user of the system is still with us 5 years later and their team have fully embraced the software
  • We're still very much a founder owned and led business

The beginning How it started

Working with a large construction company on another digital project, they happened to mention that it was tricky to move online for health and safety. This was frustrating the team as it was a key business objective to improve workplace safety and communication but, without good digital tools, things weren't progressing.

That was 2016.

Another conversation with a manufacturer who was facing similar challenges got our founders, Jonny and Adam, thinking.

We decided to use our skills, team of app builders and software developers to build a digital platform for health and safety.

We began to map a simple to use EHS system.

The first features developed were the ones that experienced health and safety professionals told us were essential to have processes and systemisation for. Companies could subscribe to Work Wallet and choose from our features without being tied into the entire system or a long-term contract. With safety cards, risk assessments, accident and near miss reporting, and audits and inspections available, the roadmap was quickly developed for more features from more conversations.

Work Wallet was formed in 2017 headed up by Jonny Gray and Adam Civval. Based in Derby they were already working with international businesses in a range of sectors and knew that for digital projects to be successful things needed to be kept simple, be easy to use and continually be updated to meet users' needs.

Progression How it's going

10,000 Work Wallet users later, used in multiple sectors, our innovative health and safety software is award winning and our much-expanded team continue to innovate and develop with the feedback of our users.

All the health and safety processes needed by high risk to low risk workplaces are available within today's Work Wallet which has over 14 features that cover everything required. With no need for multiple apps on your phone, you can choose which tool you need. Work Wallet have developed our software to help your organisation, so if you only need 3 of our modules that's fine with us.

Work Wallet is used by businesses across the world, in the UK, Europe, America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Whether that's an international organisation operating in multiple countries or businesses with numerous sites in one country or region. The technology is designed to ensure you are compliant when using it, either the entire platform or chosen features.

Embedding Work Wallet into your organisation is simple, everything you need is available within one handy platform which can be accessed by mobile app, tablet, desktop or laptop. Our EHS software usesbusiness intelligence data from your company for quick to see insights on your health and safety performance.

Work Wallet are fast becoming the go to tool for safety and compliance professionals in a range of industries across the World.

Awards We are a multiple award-winner

Recognised regionally as the Best Digital Transformation tool in the Derbyshire Business Awards

Recognised globally as the Best Health and Safety Management Software in the BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards

Winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Jonny Gray, our Chief Executive Officer

The future Always innovating

We innovate based on customer feedback. Our team listens to every single client and their requirements for the system. Users really are at the heart of our innovation and development.

By providing us with insights into your workplace and how the tool might need tweaking for your processes or site, our team will action what's needed for you.

Our cutting-edge cloud based online platform is completely secure, you can rest assure that your data is safe and only authorised people can access it. Data security is taken seriously during all developments undertaken by Work Wallet.

Moving from a paper-based system to an online system can feel like a huge leap, our team are here to help your transition be as smooth as possible. Our digital risk management solution is ideal for safety professionals and managers looking to create a safer workplace for their staff. That's the innovation that is business transformational.

Feedback What users say

"Work Wallet provides a perfect solution for our SHE and project delivery teams, streamlining our approach with digital delivery and removing unsustainable paper-based processes."

David Perks, head of SHE at GMI

You can find out more about how Work Wallet is used daily within a range of industries from those users who have opened the door to share their experiences with our health and safety management tool. Read a day in the life of a house builder, healthcare clinic chain, steel manufacturer, events management business. Have a browse of our success stories.

"Work Wallet improves the safety of all of our sites and keeps our workforces and supply chains connected and working efficiently."

John Cregan, HSE Manager at Bowmer + Kirkland

Many of our system users say they wouldn't use anything else because Work Wallet is so simple to use, easy to onboard and get real time information on the organisation's health and safety.

"Using Work Wallet has allowed Freightliner Southampton to vastly improve on our previous briefing's delivery method and our controls. Overall, moving from paper to digital has significantly improved staff communication, as well as making on-site contractor safety, document control and job assignment better."

Shane Hill, Operations Support Manager at Freightliner