Accident & Near Miss Reporting

Make accident or near miss reporting as simple as it can be, giving your teams the tools to help everyone on site be empowered to easily report a range of issues

Easy to use by employees so managers can see instantly whats going on and act accordingly.
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Accident and Near Miss Reporting

With Work Wallet, you can easily report and manage all types of incident on site, including near misses, accidents and concerns in real time.

The Accident module gives you a range of powerful yet simple to use tools to help ensure even minor concerns are reported, investigated and closed, creating a safer site for all your teams.
Quickly Report

Report on a range of issue types quickly on the mobile app.

Simple Interface

A simple interface for all your users helps capture accurate data.

Powerful KPIs

Rich KPI data helps you get deeper insights into your accident reporting statistics.

Accident Reporting Features

Make Accident or Concern Reporting as simple as it can be and give your teams a range of tools to help everyone on site be empowered to easily report a range of issues
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  • Report incidents quickly and easily - keep your workforce safe and your business compliant
  • Add extra information - including marked up photos and location points
  • Check and confirm – using digital signatures
  • Record incidents on the move – directly from your mobile
  • Track changes – full history is available at all times
Real Time Updates
Real time updates

From the easy and direct reporting of issues in the mobile app, you can easily track the latest details of an incident, its investigation and actions wherever you are.

Health and safety Actions
Action Assignment

Through all stages of the Incident Report, you can assign actions to ensure the right steps to resolve the issue are put in place. Your team can quickly provide updates to their actions, including uploading photos and the latest status.

QR Code Scanning
QR Code Reporting

Do you need to provide more public access for people to report issues? Work Wallet's unique QR code reporting system allows anyone to raise an issue direct with the site management team.

Accident Investigation - record and report anyway anytime
Incident Investigation

The Accident Reporting module also provides a range of tools to help with your accident investigations, including an investigation checklist, Root Cause Analysis records, and an Event Timeline builder to show a clear picture of what happened.

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