Risk Assessments

Get instant access to key risks on site with digital risk assessments on your Work Wallet platform.

Create, edit and confirm risk assessment documents on the move, on-site, or in the office. Share them with your team, workforce and supply chain who can access them when needed.
Risk Assessment Mobile App Digitalise your RAMS
Risk Assessment Mobile App Easy digestible information
Risk Assessment Mobile App Location and Job Specific
All together - see risk assessments insights instantly
Easily build a specific document

The hours of creating job-specific Risk Assessments can be a thing of the past with the Work Wallet Risk Assessment module.

Easily build a library of core Tasks, Activities, Hazards and COSHH Assessments to create a base document specific for the job in hand.

Auto generate RAMS or reports at a click of a button
Auto Generate RAMS PDFs

See your RAMS automatically created as PDFs and easily share with others.

With customisable design templates, you can have your document output just as you need.

Keep on top with Real-Time insights
Version Control

Need to add in an additional activity to your Risk Assessment?

What about creating a Point of Work variant based on site-specific conditions? No problem. With full version control and editing tools, create the document you need for the job in hand.

Capture Custom Information
Question Sets

RAMS question sets enables you to create bespoke sets of questions for your risk assessments.

Anyone completing the risk assessment can include any relevant questions sets and all the information they provide is included in the risk assessment document.

Risk Assessment Features

Save hours of Admin time creating specific Risk Assessments with a simple method to make them digital and deliver direct to your teams
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  • Create in minutes – and send to your team digitally
  • Work on and offline – work on documents at any time
  • Reduce the paperchase - view and manage all your RAMS documents digitally
  • Build your own design template and fully brand it as needed
  • Full document version control
  • Easily create Point of Work variants when things need to change from your standard operating procedures
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What's next?

If you'd like to find out more about our Risk Assessments module, you can get a free demo, sign up online or discover more about other features in the Work Wallet platform.
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