Audits & Inspections

Record and observe on the go with an easy to use system that captures a range of Audits including Safety Tours, Environmental Checks, Welfare Inspections, Health & Safety Inspections and much more.
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Audits & Inspections Quickly observe, record and action as you go

Our Audits and Inspections feature delivers confidence for you and your workforce to complete, edit, share and track audits directly while on site or at your workplace.
Mobile Inspections

Quickly inspect and produce your reports, all from the mobile app.

Easily Sign

Capture different signatures as needed and automatically include in the report.

Powerful KPIs

Rich KPI data helps you keep on top of your inspection schedules and deeper insights.

Audits & Inspections Features Everything needed to quickly capture your observations and reports

With a full suite of Audit and Inspection tools, your teams can easily benefit from quick access to a wide range of features.

Our platform provides industry-leading mobile app design and configuration tools to ensure the system is instantly understandable by your users.
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  • Conduct and record on the move – complete your Audits directly from your mobile
  • Work on and offline – freedom to work on documents at any time
  • Automatic reports - Get your reports automatically created and distributed as PDFs with others
  • Confirm acceptance – Easily capture digital signatures in your report
  • Automatic Escalation - Setup a key automated report for any critical failures
  • Fully customisable - Easily create and manage your own checklists
  • Style it your way - Build your own report template and fully brand it as needed
Add Observations
Add observations on the go

Using the mobile app, you can easily add photos and observations to each audit item as you walk around site, saving you time while creating a professional report for your customers.

Escalate Issues
Escalate issues

Escalate urgent issues automatically to the right person – your site manager, your health and safety manager, or whoever needs it.

An automatic escalation report highlights the critical issues without any additional paperwork.

Health and safety Actions

Assign actions from audits to members of your team - plus you get notifications when the actions have been completed.

With a central actions list, your team can easily keep on top of what's needed.

Keep on top with Real-Time insights
Real time updates

Track the progress of an audit directly from your app or online portal.

With the freedom to work on and offline, you can start your inspections and complete when you're back in the office.

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