Permit to Work System

Do you want an easier way to create, issue and track your permits?

Work Wallet's easy to use Digital Permit to Work system enables you to create and track permits on site to provide a real-time view of high-risk activity.
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Permit to Work System Request, Complete and Review permits easily on site

With our digital Permit to Work system, you can keep on top of live permits and new requests as they come in, wherever you are on site.
Make it your own

With our simple management tools, you can easily build your own permit types to your workflows.

Live Digital Permits

Everything is online so you will always get a real time overview. No more leaving a paper permit in a drawer.

No shortcuts

Demonstrate your commitment to managing your site safety as digital permits facilitate full tracking of your system.

No more paper permits

Create workflows that are relevant to your workplace for your permit process to ensure you are fully compliant with demonstrating the safety of your people and sites.

Fully customisable Permits Permit to Work Features

Get an instant, real-time view of your site permits and get that bird's eye view of all high-risk activity on site.

With pro-active alerting and simple setup tools, save hours of admin to give you time where it matters.
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  • Easy to setup and use permit system
  • Allow external contractors to submit permit requests through the Work Wallet Site Gateway
  • Real-time view of permit expiry on the go
  • Manage and create your own workflow
  • Capture custom information for close-out
  • Capture digital signatures
  • PDF copies of authorised permits automatically distributed
  • Include monitoring photos
Keep on top with Real-Time insights
Real-time insights

No longer do you need to be at a permit board to see active or expiring permits.

With the mobile app, you can see at a glance which permits are currently open with real-time updates for when they are closed.

Time Alerting
Time limited alerting

Sites can be a busy place, and keeping on top of time-limited permits is a challenge.

With helpful alerts and reminders of upcoming or expired documents, always be on the ball with information at your fingertips.

Evidence Based Closure
Evidence Based Closure

Easily gather greater supporting information for the closure of your higher-risk activities.

Build your own close-out processes and include options for photos and other information before the permit can be closed.

This Permit to work system is a game-changer for us. Easy to use and easy to see who is on our sites in real time. We've saved loads of time from people standing in site offices waiting for Permits to be issued.

John Cregan - Health & Safety Advisor, B+K

Easy to use Permit to Work System

Shane Moore - Health and Safety

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Permit to Work FAQs

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