Go digital with PPE Manager

An easy way to track and allocate the PPE used on your site by employees and contractors.

Using our PPE management module its now easy for your team to request PPE via the App, saving time, money and track what has been allocated.
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PPE management made easy


PPE ManagerManaging PPE can be time consuming, especially when it comes to monitoring stock levels at different sites, keeping track of the lifespan of certain kit or understanding what’s been issued and to who.

  • Record who has been allocated PPE, what they were allocated and the date.
  • Control costs no over ordering or having out of date stock.
  • Upload all your PPE and then allocate to employee.
  • Then create Smart site cards to your employees or add to their PPE wallet in the App.
  • Your employees can reorder PPE at click of a button.
  • Never run out and have real time oversight.
PPE Manager, it does what is says…..

How PPE Manager Works


Who has What and Where?

Benefits for contractors
Easy to request PPE

It’s easy for your team to request new PPE via the Work Wallet app, for example if a team member on a construction site damages their high vis coat they can put a request in to their site manager who can see immediately that a new coat is required and get it issued.

Work Wallet provides a simple, easy-to-use digital tool for keeping track of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). 

Use QR code technology to scan out items from stores, and scan again later to check allocation details.

QR code allocation and scanning
Assign QR codes to your PPE

Allocate unique QR codes to each person using a card based system, to enable you to keep track of all their assigned PPE.

This gives you quick and easy ways for your teams to allocate PPE in and out of stores by scanning workers' codes, managing who has what more easily, and checking asset statuses simply while on the move.

Safety Cards insights real time
Track and Report PPE usage

Get key insights into your PPE usage - how much you have in stock, the value of items assigned or how much has gone missing.

PPE Manager makes it easy to complete a stock check on the personal protective equipment being held at a site or at head office and quickly generate a report.

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