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Working behind the scenes of global events

Encore uses simple safety software to seamlessly deliver event experiences globally.

Identifying the problem

the problem

Most people never stop to think about the work behind the scenes that makes the events they experience successful. But Encore knows that the small details matter - and that includes health and safety.

Whether rigging lights at height, installing complex electrics, heavy lifting, or managing access, there are hundreds of things to think about at each event - and Encore manages thousands of events every year.

Previously it delivered its health and safety needs using a combination of spreadsheets and paperwork, but this took too long. It needed a simple system that would make managing safety easier and speed up the process, to leave more time to focus on the overall event experience.

"Our health and safety systems used to be paper-based, and the main challenge we had was staff not reporting incidents because of the form filling. Encore uses most of the modules of Work Wallet, including issue reporting, audits, risk assessments, and asset checks. All of them are great, efficient, and very user friendly. Work Wallet is adaptable and flexible for our needs. It’s a perfect all-in-one solution."

Manu Abraham | Health and Safety Manager

Finding the solution

the solution

Encore events checking risk assessments and assets at the venue

Encore originally wanted a digital system that could deliver risk assessments and method statements more effectively, simplifying their creation and communication - because existing manual processes and endless paperwork were stopping it from achieving more.

This would then free up time to focus on other important issues that would ultimately help it deliver better events. After reviewing the market for nearly two years, it settled on Work Wallet as its provider of choice, adopting its award-winning and easy-to-use digital safety tools.

"Encore produces a wide variety of events, and health and safety is incredibly important to us. Work Wallet helps us to quickly produce detailed risk assessments, and it has massively increased our productivity due to the speed and ease of producing detailed reports. A key benefit for us is being able to work collaboratively across different devices, creating documents in the office and then easily sharing them with people in the field."

Tom Ring | Project Director

Delivering the outcome

the outcome

Encore risk assessments and asset checking

Work Wallet's flexible modular software provides all the features Encore needs to manage safety effectively, in the office or on the move. It has helped them to go paperless, save time, reduce management costs, and to be more productive - with the end result that they can more easily provide unforgettable end-point experiences for customers and consumers.

Staff at all levels of the business are now better informed about and protected from risks at venues. Now, having been impressed by how much simpler the risk assessment feature was making the working lives of its staff, Encore has begun to use other features too - in particular, the asset management module which helps them keep track of key equipment and maintenance schedules.

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