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Inertia makes site visits simpler and and safer with digital safety tools

Inertia Consulting is a civil engineering structural consultancy working with private and public sector clients across the UK. They are specialists in bridge design and analysis, non-destructive testing, and structural inspections.

Identifying the problem

the problem

Inertia employs specialist teams to inspect bridges all over the country. The nature of the job means the dangers presented by working at height are constant threat to safety, and have to be carefully managed. High-ropes workers need specialist skills and training, and the right equipment to do the job safely, all backed by robust safety checks and procedures.

Inertia often works on short-duration transient jobs, meaning teams move between many different sites in the same day, checking for emerging defects or structural problems that need remediating. Each site for each client has its own specific challenges and requirements, and paper-based processes made it difficult to get teams the information they needed.

"I travel between sites, checking that our team are doing what they should be doing, completing audits to make sure we're conforming with legislation, and troubleshooting any safety issues.

We often work on many different sites in the same day, and previously had large stacks of paperwork to deal with. We chose work Wallet to help us out."

Darren Beale | Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Adviser
DITLO Darren Beale H&S Advisor Inertia

Finding the solution

the solution

Inertia's employees were finding that paper-based processes were holding them back. Jobs were taking longer because of the large quantity of physical files that had to be sorted through, and it was easy to miss vital information, which could place them at greater risk. Inertia wanted a digital solution to modernise their working practices and help keep people safe.

As a top priority then, Inertia needed a system that could speed up and simply its risk assessments and method statements, with access while on the move. They also needed to keep track of their equipment and assets, making sure they were maintained, safe, and properly calibrated, and a digital system could help there too. After researching the options available, they approached Work Wallet to see if we could help.

"Our teams use Work Wallet for completing risk assessments and method statements. Having it on the mobile app is really useful for quick reference on site. We can access RAMS easily when we switch sites, and there aren't stacks of paper in the van to check through to see what they need to do."

Darren Beale | Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Adviser
DITLO Darren Beale H&S Advisor Inertia talking to site team

Delivering the outcome

the outcome

Inertia doing a high rope bridge inspection

Work Wallet has made Inertia's risk assessment processes much more efficient, by providing everything its employees need directly to their mobile phones on site. Staff no longer have to leaf through reams of paper to find the information they need, saving them time and helping them get to site more quickly.

The digital solution also has alert capabilities built in, highlighting whenever key equipment might need checking or maintenance, which is so important when working at height on the bridges. This minimises delays and maximises productivity, and employees know their essential kit is up to standard.

When on site, Inertia's employees have better visibility of the threats they face, which enables them to work more safely, and maintain compliance. Health and safety adviser Darren can then also use the information in the app to complete spot checks in live environments, guiding and coaching workers to improve safety performance.

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