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Safety software improves healthcare compliance

SK:N Group is a leading British healthcare business, operating the most extensive network of specialist skin care clinics in the UK.

Embedding Work Wallet's innovative health and safety management tools throughout its clinics has make sure its provision cosmetic and medical procedures is safe and compliant, and second to none.

100% productivity
7800+ audits
7 months since
CQC regulatory
standards met
2 hours saved per
internal clinic visit

Identifying the problem

the problem

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SK:N Group operates clinics in over 100 locations around the UK, each controlled by a local clinic manager. Each clinic provides a wide variety of cosmetic and medical skin procedures, administered by qualified experts including dermatologists, doctors, plastic surgeons, nurses and therapists. It delivers services to customers in meticulously clinical environments, using advanced technologies.

Healthcare is highly regulated. With such a diverse range of locations and employee needs - and largely working from paper-based files and systems, making delivery increasingly difficult - SK:N needed to find a modern way to manage health and safety within its clinics that would give head office the oversight it needed to satisfy the regulator.

"Healthcare is highly regulated, and non-compliance can have serious consequences, both for SK:N and our customers. All our clinics in the UK use Work Wallet’s auditing app, so head office has collective and immediate visibility of which essential checks have been completed."

Faye Jones | National Trainer

Finding the solution

the solution

Faye Jones SK:N Group equipment health and safety Audit

SK:N recognised the need to overhaul its approach to health and safety, but did not want to overload its employees, as switching to a full digital system would represent a significant change to internal processes and culture.

Driven also by the need to find a system that was easy to use across multiple locations, and that would reduce paper-based workloads, SK:N researched its options, settling on Work Wallet. Its app-based software is usable on all types of devices, seamlessly connecting SK:N's clinics with head office using instantaneous cloud-based data storage.

Work Wallet's modular structure also meant SK:N could address its most pressing need first - evidencing compliance to the Care and Quality Commission - using the Audits & Inspections feature. It could then scale up digital adoption gradually over time after a successful roll-out by adding more modules.

"Work Wallet has been such an amazing asset to the clinics all round. We have a lot of audits and daily checks that need to be done, and there’s so much less paperwork now."

Claire Revitt | Clinic Manager

Delivering the outcome

the outcome

SKN using the auditing app

SK:N uses Audits & Inspections in all clinics. Managers use the handheld app and online portal in their daily routines, completing daily and weekly checks, and infection control audits. The system is easy to adopt, so even technophobic managers benefit. They particularly like the paperwork reduction.

SK:N has significantly improved oversight of what happens in clinics. Senior staff check progress, identify issues, and develop responses more easily. Data is unified online instead of buried in paper files at each site.

With Audits & Inspections successfully embedded and proving worthwhile, SK:N now intends to add other modules such as Risk Assessments and Incident & Accident Reporting as well.

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