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Safety software adds layers of insight

Strata is a regional housebuilder operating throughout the Midlands and North of England. Strata has adopted Work Wallet's digital health and safety tools to manage safety on site more efficiently.

Identifying the problem

the problem

Strata site inspection walkaround

Strata builds homes over a large geographic area, with multiple sites of all types, sizes, and specifications on the go at the same time. Historically, Strata used paper-based systems to manage health and safety checks, which took the safety team a long time to prepare and were less useful and dynamic.

The safety team also did not have full visibility of safety-related incidents that happened on site, making it difficult to track and identify trends, or make meaningful improvements that would address underlying issues. It was also a challenge to manage contractors effectively, resulting in inefficiencies that could hold up the build process.

"The greatest benefit that Work Wallet brings me is the availability of comprehensive real-time data at the touch of my fingertips. I can see across the business, whatever site it is, whatever time it is, everything that’s happening. Data collection has increased by 65% enabling us to make key changes and improvements to the business."

Dean Cowling | Head of Health and Safety

Finding the solution

the solution

Strata Verve Castleton team Dean Cowling Nikki Robson Matt Sparks doing an Audit FULL IMAGE

Strata realised it needed to adopt a modernised way of working, and decided to put in place a digital health and safety management system. Having one overall, connected software platform would give the safety team and senior leaders much improved oversight of what was happening across all its sites, at all times.

The safety team's primary needs were to find a way to conduct more meaningful and immediate audits, to manage contractor permits more closely, and to collect better quality and more complete data about its accidents, incidents and near misses. Strata wanted a system that would allow it to identify and address trends and issues more quickly.

"I predominantly use Work Wallet to conduct live audits, walking around with the site manager highlighting any issues. We've seen big improvements and benefits, including much clearer and more accurate reporting of incidents and near misses. The data is absolutely phenomenal, and allows us to move forward, focusing on key areas - and the lads on site are really happy with how easy it is to use."

Nikki Robson | Health and Safety Adviser
Nikki Robson H&S Manager Strata - for DITLO case study

Delivering the outcome

the outcome

bricklaying contractor management

The system is simple and easy to use for everyone on site, resulting in high engagement rates. Since implementing Work Wallet a year ago, Strata has seen a 65% uplift in the amount of data it collects, as improvements in submission quality, filling a substantial gap in its site visibility.

Everyone is better informed, so site managers and contractors are more efficient too, delivering cost savings and productivity increases. Work Wallet’s flexible modular approach means Strata only chooses and pays for the features and users it needs. The safety team is very impressed with Work Wallet, and intends to introduce Digital Inductions and Safety Briefings soon as well.

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