Don't Risk It: The Importance of using Asset Inspections software

Don't risk it - That is the advice we would give to any business owner who is not using asset inspections software.

18 October 2022

Asset Inspections

Don't risk it.

That is the advice we would give to any business owner who is not using asset inspections software.

If you do not inspect them regularly, your assets are more likely to be lost, damaged or break. Businesses have a lot to lose if they do not take asset inspections seriously - from GDPR fines to crippling workplace accidents.

That is because asset inspections help you track, monitor and maintain your valuable assets more easily. It helps you to comply with your legal duties to provide safe equipment and systems of work.

Thankfully, there is a handy solution: Asset inspections software.

Digital asset inspection tools makes managing your assets more efficient and reduces the risk of critical failures. Make sure you protect your business by switching to asset inspections software today!

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Key benefits of asset inspections software

Here are the nine top benefits our clients get from adopting digital asset inspections software:

Transparency and accountability

Know who is responsible for each asset, who is in possession, and when it was last inspected. Employees and contractors can be allocated to a particular resource.

Time AlertingSave time

Asset inspections software is quick and easy to use, meaning you can conduct asset inspections more frequently and speedily. You save time which can be put to effective use elsewhere, boosting productivity

Real-time asset data

Get up-to-date asset data that you can access at any time, from anywhere. Inspection data is captured quickly, and collated for you in handy reporting dashboards. This allows you to make better decisions about your assets.

Remote monitoring

You can monitor your assets remotely with asset inspections software. You can see how they are used and identify issues early. Frontline workers can complete simply checks on the go, feeding all data back to a central system.

Easy scheduling of checks and maintenance

With asset inspections software, you can also schedule asset checks and maintenance easily and efficiently. This helps you to avoid critical failures and keep your assets in good condition. You can receive alerts when inspections are due. In addition, you can automatically add them to diaries and calendars, so they are not forgotten.

Reduced riskHealth and Safety Risk Assessment Software

By conducting asset inspections regularly, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Easily see when assets are due for inspection, and spot critical faults with closer monitoring.

Improved safety and compliance

Asset inspections software also helps you to comply with safety regulations and standards more easily. Asset inspections are more simple to complete, therefore the likelihood of human error is reduced. This, in turn, helps to create a safer working environment for your employees.

Reduced cost

By using asset inspections software, you also can save money on asset repairs and replacements. Data is all stored digitally, therefore you save money on printing and paper.

Health and Safety Software Reducing PaperchaseMore sustainable

Asset inspections software helps you to extend the life of your assets. As a result, this is good for your business and for the environment. It also cuts down on paper and printing, reducing your environmental impact.

Why is asset inspection software important?

Faye Jones SK:N Group equipment health and safety AuditAsset inspection software is important because it helps you to keep track of your assets, schedule asset checks and maintenance, and therefore improve safety in the workplace.

You can reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and critical failures. In addition, asset inspection software helps you to comply with safety regulations more easily.

Finally, asset inspection software is more sustainable and can help you to save money on asset repairs and replacements.

The key for any business however is to pick the software that is right for you, based on your business needs.

What should I look for in my Asset Inspection software?

When you are looking for asset inspections software, it is important to consider the features that will be most useful for your business. Key features to look out for include:

  • Flexibility
  • Choice
  • Configurability and customisation
  • Pricing and affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Simple adoption and roll out
  • Automated integrations with other systems
  • Ongoing after-sales support

Work Wallet has you covered, whatever you are looking for. If you are looking for asset inspection software that has all of these features, then we invite you start a free demo and trial of our system.

How can Work Wallet help me?

Asset inspections software is vital for businesses, because there is simply too much at stake not to take asset management seriously. With Work Wallet, you can rest assured that your assets are in good hands.

So, if you are looking for asset inspections software, Work Wallet's app is an excellent choice.

Work Wallet's asset inspection app is quick and easy to use, with intuitive user interfacing. Consequently, it is simple to set up and the training required is minimal.

What is more, our asset inspection app is highly flexible and you can tailored it to your business needs. We understand that every business is different, so we offer a range of features to suit you.

Modular features of Work WalletFurthermore, it is only one of the menu of health and safety modules we supply, if you are looking for a more comprehensive system.

Our app allows you to:

  • Record on the go - Complete inspections on the move from your mobile
  • Check and confirm – Use multiple digital signatures for approvals
  • Review history - Easily share automatically created PDFs
  • Schedule inspections – Check your items regularly
  • Assign actions – And, consequently, track them to completion
  • Enhanced data search and KPIs – All your information at a glance
  • Manage your assets in the app – Add and edit assets with ease
  • Work on and offline – Create an inspection at any time

Asset Inspection licences costs as little as £1 per user per month. As a result, our app is affordable and scalable for any size or type of business.

To find out more about Work Wallet's asset inspection app, please get in touch or book a demo. Our team is happy to answer any of your questions.


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