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Work Wallet provides smart, simple digital tools which help safety professionals.

Create accounts whenever you need, providing real-time, valuable insights while working on site or remotely of whats happening on your clients sites and workplaces.
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Benefits for Health & Safety Consultants Why Use Work Wallet

Manage Compliance

Up to date, compliant health and safety processes keep workforces safe and business operational.

Manage this compliance for your clients with Work Wallet.

Easily Connect

View and manage all your client’s reports, documents and actions digitally, in real-time.

Create, share and track progress and see a detailed view of all sites and information.

Remote Consultancy

Log in to your client’s Work Wallet and provide them with key health and safety consultancy, even remotely.

Respond to any incidents or queries in real-time.

Your digital partner to help manage Health and Safety Case Study with QSC Safety

QSC Safety are a leading safety consultancy, safety management and safety training provider. They have an exemplary safety record and assist automotive, engineering, logistics and food manufacture clients.

We spoke with Shane from QSC to hear about the benefits Work Wallet brings to his consultancy business.

A full suite of Health and Safety Tools Key modules supporting H&S Consultancy

There are a full suite of modules within Work Wallet that consultants can access to support their clients' operations. Here's our top 3 for supporting consultants' services.
Audits and Inspections App for doing a health and safety audit - health and safety features

Audits & Inspections

Record and observe your inspections on the go with an easy to use system that captures a range of audits including safety tours, environmental checks, welfare inspections, health and safety inspections and much more.

  • Mobile app for easy onsite completion
  • Fully customisable checklists and options
  • Inspection scoring options available
  • Custom design templates to generate a fully branded PDF report
  • Linked actions to close out issues
  • Offline data capture
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Digital Site Diary health and safety features

Site Diary

Easily see all your clients' site activity; from inducted contractors, expiring permits and completed audits. Site managers can easily record their daily photos and notes so you can get an instant view of site activity remotely.

  • All site activity automatically recorded in one place
  • Easily see the critical observations you need to be aware of and simply click on each to see the specific record.
  • With automatic feeds from all other connected modules, keeping and accurate diary of events has never been easier.
  • Build an actual picture of site records with the ability to easily add your own photos and notes.
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Digital Safety Briefings health and safety features

Safety Briefings

Safety Briefings, Toolbox Talks or Safety Minute; whatever you call them, you can easily create custom bulletins and send to your clients' teams as needed.

Ensure the right teams have read and accepted the message with integrated read receipts and confirmation signatures, supporting your client with up-to-date information has never been easier.

  • Connect to every site, every employee and every contractor.
  • Create safety briefings using text, pictures, videos and PDFs and send to the workforce and supply chain.
  • They read, agree, sign, provide feedback and follow up actions can be created.
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“Work Wallet helps me instantly view my clients' health and safety records and pick up any problems in real-time, improving both the service I offer and and my clients' health and safety practices.”  

Graham Bennett, Derby Health and Safety

"Safety Information is now in real-time with Work Wallet. A person can spot an issue straight away and easily report it to their managers."

Shane Moore, QSC Safety

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