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Partner with Work Wallet®, the All In One Health and Safety Management System to bring a range of benefits to your clients as well as your own consultancy.

We spoke with Shane from QSC Safety to get his thoughts.

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Manage Compliance

Up to date, compliant health and safety processes keep workforces safe and business operational.

Manage this compliance for your clients with Work Wallet.

Easily Connect

View and manage all your client’s reports, documents and actions digitally, in real-time.

Create, share and track progress and see a detailed view of all sites and information.

Remote Consultancy

Log in to your client’s Work Wallet and provide them with key health and safety consultancy, even remotely.

Respond to any incidents or queries in real-time.

“Work Wallet helps me instantly view my clients' health and safety records and pick up any problems in real-time, improving both the service I offer and and my clients' health and safety practices.”  

Graham Bennett, Derby Health and Safety

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