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Keep your Health and Safety management in one place and make a smarter, safer and systemised workplace.

Work Wallet® provides a powerful suite of Health and Safety features that help connect and manage everything needed in real-time.
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Health and Safety Management Software Helping you manage safety digitally

The Work Wallet® platform gives you the tools and information to ensure that in real-time, you're on top of health and safety for your sites, staff and contractors, helping you stay safe and operational.

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Health and Safety Software Features Powerful and Intuitive

An all-in-one set of features brings your Health & Safety management into one place. With a comprehensive suite of tools, you can easily choose which features you need to support your teams and business.

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Teams across the Construction industry, from independent contractors to national developers, rely on Work Wallet to help manage their Health & Safety.


Within Distribution, there are many elements to manage Heath & Safety. From Asset Inspections, Site Safety tours and Issue Reporting, Work Wallet provides the tools needed.

Public Sector
Public Sector

Covering a wide range of functions across the Public Sector, from Highways, Parks and Surveying you can provide your teams with everything they need to stay safe.

Easy Onboarding

When you sign up to create your Work Wallet you are supported at every step.

Our UK based onboarding team can give you all the resources and training needed.
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Digital Health and Safety Software Why use Work Wallet®?

Health and Safety Management Software Security
Staying safe and operational

Keep up to date, compliant, digital health and safety processes ensuring workforce safe and your business operational.

With proven technology to improve health and safety processes in businesses.

Working in all industry sectors and improves engagement, communication, efficiency and accuracy.

Health and Safety Software Reducing Paperchase
Reducing the paperchase and time

View and manage all reports, documents, actions and messages digitally.

From creation to completion, reduce your paperwork and make your operations more efficient and effective.

You can view everything in real-time and access all your documents anytime, anywhere.

Health and Safety Software All In One
Connected Features

The Work Wallet all-in-one health and safety management system ensures best practices and full compliance.

The platform provides a unified approach to health and safety as all features work in harmony.

Global Health and Safety Software
Used Globally and in Multiple Languages

Work Wallet is trusted by thousands of workers across 23 countries.

Your Work Wallet app is available in many languages providing compatibility with your health and safety practices, cultures and other software platforms.

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