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Connecting your
workforce together

Work Wallet is a real-time H&S software platform that delivers essential information to employees, sub-contractors & clients where & when they need it - to help keep them safe & compliant.

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transforming business

Real-time information about your workforce

Remove the paper chase and gain real-time insights to key events such as incident reporting and audits, instantly delivered to key members of your team.

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Latest News

Interview with Jonny,
Co-Founder of Work Wallet
by Neil Hughes

The interview covers how the Work Wallet Journey started, how Humans are using App technology and how tech is changing the Health and Safety industry

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You're in good company

Why Work Wallet?

  • Intelligently connects people, places & processes together.
  • Easy to use on your app, your tablet or on your computer.
  • Create Jobs, RAMS, audits, training packs, safety cards and clock in/out sites.
  • Record Near misses, accidents and site concerns easily.
  • Audits - check people have read and understood information by digital signing.
  • Manage all your staff and sub-contractors seamlessly.
  • Works on and offline - access information offline and upload when online.

Manage your

  • Easy to use platform – app and management dashboard
  • Employees have their own wallet which can be accessed on an App or on the internet browser.
  • Managers have access to dashboard management platform
  • Realtime visibility and powerful insights for director and site managers.
  • Intelligently connects all of the above so you are able to have a complete understanding of what and who is on your site or on a job.

Whatever your business needs.
We've got what it takes.

Create a risk assessment, record an audit observation, report a safety
concern, clock into a job and more - anywhere, anytime.

Risk assessments

Easily build dynamic risk assessments in minutes

Near miss reporting

Report and record a range of issues on site with powerful KPIs


Capture audit items and observations on the go with the mobile app

Job management

Keep a collection of linked information for easy job management

Clock in/out

Location based clock in/out services made easy with the app

Lone working

Keep an eye on your vulnerable lone workers with integrated check ins


Deliver rich and easily accessible induction training material 24/7

ID & training records

Keep a proactive and secure log of your employees' ID and key information

Site & contractor management

Keep a collection of linked site and contractor information

Why we're different

Work Wallet empowers your workforce like never before, this unique technology connects and shares information to and from you staff, your contractors and your clients, streamlining your processes and helping you keep control of your audit processes.

Why we're different

Connect My Wallet

The smart part of Work Wallet enables businesses to connect their office staff, remote workers and contractors together ensuring the workforce supply chain is safety compliant.

Company and individual's Wallets can be linked together sharing information, cutting down on the paper chasing and compliance headaches.

WW & Your Business

Real time view of your business, your sites and your jobs...

Simplify your H&S processes and give you the performance insights you need.

You & Your Employees

Connects and delivers information directly to your team...

Easy to use, read and feedback...
Making it easy to communicate and change safety behaviour...

You & Your Contractors

Open your wallet and allow your contractors to connect...

Allowing you to send jobs, audits, RAMS and site H&S information directly and confirm that they have been read .

Our Partner Scheme

Are you a Health & Safety Consultant?

Work Wallet helps us all

Connect and Collaborate, find out more about how Work Wallet can help you

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Our clients

You're in good company

Pick your modules and build a custom Wallet

Choose the modules you need either as a bundle or pick individually -
allowing you to be flexible and roll out features at a pace to suit each individual user.

Latest News

Nottingham Castle

Work Wallet are pleased to be working with GF Tomlinson and have recently gone on site at Nottingham Castle as part of their £30m redevelopment project

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