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Helping you manage workplace safety, your employees, contractors and visitors, keeping you safe and compliant.

Use our innovative Health and Safety software modules giving you the over sight and the reporting you need.
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"Work Wallet provides a perfect solution for our SHE and project delivery teams, streamlining our approach with digital delivery and removing unsustainable paper-based processes."

David Perks, Head of SHE

"Since using Work Wallet, the numbers of accident and near miss data we are now receiving has increased by over 65%, showing that the user friendly nature of the system has enabled our teams to embrace the change, which has happened a lot quicker than we could ever have imagined."

Dean Cowling, Head of Health and Safety

"Work Wallet improves the safety of all of our sites and keeps our workforces and supply chains connected and working efficiently."

John Cregan, HSE Manager

Digital Health and Safety in one place Easy to use, Onboard and Report

No more multiple apps on your phone, just a single app software platform that does it all.
Choose which tools you need, then onboard your workforce and then easily manage your health and safety processes by going digital.
Award winning Health and Safety Software App platform

Digital Health and Safety Fingertip Reporting

Easily access your management data and create the reports you want.

Customise your management dashboard by using our drag and drop system, helping your track KPIs and create reports to send digitally to your teams and management.

No more chasing people, paper or wondering what's going on site, just login to your app or management portal and get the answers you need.
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Digital Health and Safety Software Why use Work Wallet?

Make sure everyone is compliant before stepping on site - site gateway health and safety management of sites

Connect your Sites, People and Processes together

Unifying your workforce is crucial when working in today's safety culture.

Our award-winning health and safety software helps you empower everyone, every site and safety process together.

So, giving you the instant overview of what's going on in your business.

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No more paper chasing - Health and Safety Management

Reducing your Paperwork

A paperless workplace is the new normal, helping you be more productive and compliant.

You can now Record, Action, and manage all your H&S documents digitally, all from our app and online platform.

How to get people on the site gateway system

Simple Onboarding

Create your account in minutes and easily choose which features you need.

So, easily invite and onboard your employees and contractors using the online management portal, where they can quickly download the app and get the safety information relevant to them.

Our UK based onboarding team is always on hand to help you.

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Fully Integrate with Work Wallet - flexible Health and Safety Software

Create Powerful Reporting

Want to feed information into your backend management system?

No problem! We can integrate with many systems and our development team are on hand to help integrate with yours.

If you use Microsoft 365 we can set you up with single sign-on (SSO) so you don't need to manage users' accounts.

Simple, easy onboarding!

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Global Health and Safety Software - Multilingual so everyone can understand

Worldwide and multi-lingual

Trusted by tens of thousands of workers worldwide because of multi-lingual support.

Ensure everyone understands information you send out, helping keep you compliant.


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