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Health and Safety Software in Construction Bowmer + Kirkland

B+K is one of the largest privately-owned construction companies in the UK and use all of the Work Wallet health and safety software features to keep their sites safe and compliant.

"The ease of use makes Work Wallet the go-to Health and Safety software platform"
John Cregon Health and Safety Manager

Audits & Inspections

Audits and inspections are conducted by site managers via their mobile apps and then the data is fed back to office staff via the online portal.

Actions can be created, completed and signed off to ensure maximum safety and compliance.

Near Miss & Accident Reporting

Incidents are reported instantly from site and data is accessible in real time to everyone who needs it, including site managers, health and safety managers and management.

Significant increases in active reporting have helped improve safety.

Safety Cards

Green, amber and red safety cards are issued on all sites.

Rewarding good practices, issue warnings to improve and remove those who are putting themselves or others at risk.

Working together with B+K

Bowmer + Kirkland were one of the first adopters of Work Wallet when it launched in 2016 and have been loyal clients ever since.

We enjoy working with the team to develop the platform to suit their needs and they are always keen to learn about new platform features and how they can integrate them into their sites and operations.

As a large UK construction business, health and safety of sites, offices, workers and its supply chain is paramount for B+K. Work Wallet helps keep everyone safe and compliant and their communication channels efficient.

B+K using work wallet to help them with Health and Safety management

“Work Wallet improves the safety of all of our sites and keeps our workforces and supply chains connected and working efficiently.”

Phil Ellis, Bowmer + Kirkland

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