Health and safety software for your workplace safety

Work Wallet's health & safety software is Smart, Simple and Intuitive, making it easy to keep everyone informed.

H&S software is only good if people understand it easily and use it, that's the sign of good system, read below how going digital can help you.
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Manage Safety Your Way Health and Safety Software Features

A Health & safety software platform that's provides you with everything you need, all in one place, on a modular basis and easy to use

No tie-ins and no one-size-fits-all approach, unlike other providers.

So stay in control with all you compliance and safety with a full choice modules giving you the flexibility you need.

Benefits For All Sectors  The big advantages of paperless working

Business benefits

Regain lost working time

Boost productivity

Less risk with better compliance

Manager benefits

Consistent key messaging

Instant notification

Easier to monitor and record

Benefits for Contractors

Employee benefits

Simple to use

Improved communication

The same information for all

Contractor benefits

Fast permissions and sign off

Easy to understand

Get onto site quicker

You can easily configure Work Wallet’s health & safety software to help you create engaging content that drives high safety standards in your workplace or work site.

Whichever digital device you choose, you can manage safety in the office or on the go, and have instant reporting built-in as standard.

Communicate seamlessly with your employees and managers at the touch of a button, wherever they are on site or in other country.

If you want to connect to other system our API can easily integrate your existing software.

Cloud-based storage in secure data centres maintain a single version of the truth. Consequently, you make fully informed, data-driven decisions that enhance your business.

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"Work Wallet provides a perfect solution for our SHE and project delivery teams, streamlining our approach with digital delivery and removing unsustainable paper-based processes."

David Perks, Head of SHE

"Since using Work Wallet, the numbers of accident and near miss data we are now receiving has increased by over 65%, showing that the user friendly nature of the system has enabled our teams to embrace the change, which has happened a lot quicker than we could ever have imagined."

Dean Cowling, Head of Health and Safety

"Work Wallet improves the safety of all of our sites and keeps our workforces and supply chains connected and working efficiently."

John Cregan, HSE Manager

Dedicated H&S Software Provider The Trusted Partner of Businesses Around The World

Work Wallet is the health and safety software provider of choice for all sorts and sizes of businesses around the world, in a wide variety of sectors.

The flexibility of the as-built system is adaptable to the needs of any business or industry. Meanwhile, a responsive in-house development team listens to client needs and iterates new features as needed.

From rail to construction, healthcare to live events, Work Wallet has you covered.

Full customer service support

Contact our award-winning team. Live chat, screensharing and phone support are available free of charge.

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