It’s easier than you think to go digital using Health and Safety software!

07 March 2023

Using Work Wallet on site

The Health and Safety Software change

Since the pandemic people’s mindsets when it came to technology within the workplace.

With a big reason to use the wide range of tech tools that are available to talk to each other, collaborate on documents, and utilise software that makes it easier to share and see critical business information.

Who had meetings on Zoom before 2020?

Moving business processes has been a lot easier than people assumed it would be. Digital transformations have happened at a faster rate than anticipated.

One area that’s needed to embrace technology is health and safety. It’s been one of the longest paper chasing processes within businesses across the country.

Making it easier to move your health and safety to digital.

Businesses have moved online for things like audits, accident reports, incident investigations and near miss reports.

The issue is that the tools used have been those ones used widely in business settings like Office 365.

Connecting the Health and Safety dots togetherMostly these tools are not helping with the bespoke needs of health and safety or providing management with easy to access real time safety data insights.

That’s why industry-specific solutions are becoming more popular. They offer an easy way to move to a digital process quickly without having to learn another system entirely or spend hours trying to adapt existing tools.

The most important thing is that they enable businesses to work together in real time, so everyone can stay on top of any potential hazards and risks proactively, rather than reacting too late.

Removing the barriers

If you’re still paper based or you’ve got computer based records you are probably wondering how difficult it is to move to an all in one software tool like Work Wallet?

You don’t need fancy tech skills or coding knowledge; anyone can use these tools easily and with minimal training.

Onboarding is simple with Work Wallet only requiring minimal input from your IT team. Staff training is delivered by Work Wallet in a ‘train to share’ model.

It’s simple and our team make sure we support you on every step of the journey.

Choosing the right partner

As with all of your procurement finding the right partner, someone who understands H&S and listens to your needs, will help make that paper to digital process smoother and easier.

Going digital with your health and safety might be easy or slightly more complex.

That’s going to depend on the specifics within your organisation, the risk levels within your daily working environment, the people you have on site, the resources you have available for the project and the level of technological infrastructure already in place.

And we’ll talk to you about all of this to have a full picture of where you are at today.

What do you need to consider before going digital?

Going digital with health and safety can be relatively easy or complex, depending on the specific context, resources available, and the level of technological infrastructure already in place.

Digital Health and SafetyHere are some factors to consider:

  • Your digital infrastructure; what’s in place already?What tech tools do your team have (tablets or mobile phones for example)? And is there WiFi connectivity on your site? What’s already computerised with your records?
  • Your organisational sizeImplementation and training is going to be different if you’ve got 100 employees and 50 contractors working for you compared to 150,000 employees and 10,000 subcontractors.Larger organisations will have more complex  processes  which could require more extensive planning and implementation for a digitalisation project.
  • Your resources; is there a dedicated health and safety manager?
    If so, how busy are they with the day-to-day business of keeping your team safe?
    Can they manage a digital transformation of their systems and processes on top of their current workload?
  • Regulatory requirements; are you ticking the boxes with health and safety or do you have the best safety culture possible within your organisation?Regulations state what you need to be doing, the data you should be collecting and the records you must keep.

Going digital, or moving to a solution like Work Wallet will require investment and planning.

The benefits it will provide could prove to be invaluable.

Improved data accuracy, accessibility, streamlined reporting, and increased collaboration amongst your employees are a few of the positives you will see.

You’ve decided to go digital, what next?

If as a management team you’ve decided to go ahead and select a software program to help manage your health and safety processes there are some key steps to consider:

  1. Identify the specific health and safety processes you want to manage such as incident reporting, risk assessments, and safety inspections.Determine what features and functionalities you need in a software program to support these processes, such as real-time data reporting, user access controls, and automated notifications.Key question: what are your needs?
  2. Research available software options and evaluate them based on your identified needs.Look for software that offers the features and functionalities you need and has a user-friendly interface. Consider factors such as cost, ease of use, integration capabilities, and customer support.Key question: is the software easy to use, will they onboard you properly and provide ongoing support?
  3. Develop a plan for implementing the software program, including timelines, roles and responsibilities, and training needs.Consider how you will migrate existing data to the new software and how you will train users to use the system.Or ask your selected provider if they will complete the mapping for you. Key consideration: who is best place to rollout your health and safety software?
  4. Once you've developed an implementation plan, speak to your team and your software providers to organise the rollout to your organisation.You might choose to start with a pilot group and collect feedback before rolling it out more widely across your organisation. Key consideration: who needs to have access to this software immediately?

Having a solid plan ensures a higher usage success rate when implementing.

What do users of Work Wallet say about their digitalisation of Health and Safety?

Neil Morris CMIOSH, Group Health and Safety Manager at Esprit Group Limited:

Just preparing to start removing our paperwork from our sites and replacing it with an easy to use and cost-effective electronic solution from Work Wallet.

This is anticipated to make our Site Managers more productive, whilst remaining compliant and doing a little more for the environment.

We’re here to help you with Transforming from Paper to Digital Health and Safety processes..

This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute advice.

We recommend consulting with a professional expert before investing in any software solution.

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