2022: Work Wallet's year in review

20 December 2022

Work Wallet round-up for 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the year just gone for Work Wallet.

Jonny Gray CEO2022 remained a difficult time for many, personally and professionally – but has seen the world return to a measure of normality.

This period has shown that digital technology is an essential enabler for all workplaces. Indeed, employees now expect digital solutions as standard.

That’s why more and more business are making the switch, and benefiting significantly.

NEC event 2022This appetite was evidenced by the returning footfall at major trade events this year. It was great to get out to meet existing and prospective clients face to face again following the various lockdowns. First, we exhibited at the NEC in April and then London ExCel in May. Turnout was high and everyone was engaged in making the transition to digital.

Demand for our innovative and award-winning digital safety software has rocketed, and we’ve been pleased to welcome onboard clients of all types and sizes, such as Encore, GMI, BioSite, and many more.

A Day in the Life Of campaign logoWe’ve also welcomed new colleagues to the Work Wallet team, to make sure your needs are met as the business continues to grow.

It’s been great to get out on site with a number of our clients this year – including Strata, Freightliner, and SKN Group – to see first-hand how our safety app makes a positive difference for them every day. These case studies are well worth a watch on our website!

Freightliner logo    SKN Group logo              Strata uses Work Wallet health and safety software - company logo

Improving our products in 2022

We are rightly proud of our health and safety app which seamlessly connects people, places and processes.

But we never rest on our laurels, and are always improving and iterating our products, listening to our clients’ needs.

Near Miss & Accident ReportingAsset Inspection Health and safety softwareWe began the year by adding enhanced configurability to our Incident Reporting module, including better workflow management.

We followed this with other features across our suite of safety modules, including introducing improved Asset Inspections scheduling, new at-a-glance KPI dashboards, and more options for tracking accountability and digital sign off.

Site diary App - recording and sending information directly to your phone

Health and Safety Risk Assessment SoftwareAdditionally, our Site Diary module has been made free for all users. Contractor management and job allocation has been made even easier. You can now translate your Risk Assessments into over 100 different languages as well. This is a key feature for a modern, multi-cultural, multi-lingual workforce.

Our last big update of 2022 introduced connectivity to Zapier – a free platform that links your health and safety app to over 5,000 other workplace systems, and automates essential processes, saving you time and money.

Looking ahead

2023 will be a similarly busy year for us, with new clients set to join, and new updates being prepared.

What’s certain is that health and safety is a top priority that can’t be ignored. High profile news stories continue to highlight big issues. Businesses, employers and service providers need simple and effective means to manage their health and safety.

Work Wallet is here to support you in that journey – so please do get in touch for a demo of what we can do for you.

Boost your health and safety in 2023 - book a personalised demo today!

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