Freightliner adopts Work Wallet for UK-wide safety management

04 July 2023

Work Wallet app in use at Freightliner

Leading UK rail freight provider, Freightliner, has chosen Work Wallet’s innovative software to manage its health and safety throughout the UK, following a successful pilot project.

Having used Work Wallet at its Southampton Docks depot for a year, Freightliner estimates it has already saved over 1,000 work hours by managing its safety processes digitally – boosting productivity by cutting the time needed to complete essential checks and briefings.

Freightliner went digital to access the substantial benefits offered over traditional paper-based processes. Partnering with Work Wallet gives Freightliner access to simple-to-use, sustainable, mobile-first health safety tools, accessible anytime from anywhere, on any digital device.

Now, after subsequently benchmarking the app’s performance against other providers, Freightliner has selected Work Wallet as its supplier of choice for all its UK operations.

Tyrone at Freightliner

Matthew Noblett, Safety and Sustainability Programme Lead at Freightliner, commented: “The Work Wallet system has really improved both reporting engagement but also our data quality and analytics which enables us to focus on key risk areas to bring continuous improvement in health, safety, and sustainability.”

Adrian Tunstil, VMF Depot Manager at Freightliner, commented: “Work Wallet is an easy-to-use platform for reporting and tracing all safety related actions created from my site. The app is easy to use for my team members whilst ensuring that all relevant information I may need about an event is captured within the question set.”

Kev Villiers, Facilities Manager at Freightliner, commented: “Whilst we’ve only been using the system a short time at our site, Work Wallet has proved very function and user friendly. The app works exceptionally well, and the entry process is well structured and easy to follow.”

Freightliner now primarily uses Work Wallet to deliver its Safety Briefings, Asset Inspections, and manage contractor Permit to Work processes – but is also exploring using a variety of features from Work Wallet’s suite of thirteen modules, as part of the partnership.

Using Work Wallet in the live environment at Southampton Docks depot provided a robust test of the system. Thousands of tons of cargo arrive there every day for onward distribution around the UK by train – and in such a busy environment, with so many moving parts, health and safety is a top priority.

Jonathan Gray, Work Wallet CEO, commented: “We are delighted that Freightliner has chosen to roll out Work Wallet across all its UK sites. Using our health and safety software in the live environment in Southampton has proved the benefits of moving to a digital system.

Freightliner Shane Hill using the app on depot

By unifying its essential health and safety processes under one easy-to-use system with Work Wallet, Freightliner will see even greater efficiencies in productivity, resource management, and sustainability. We very much look forward to working with them even more closely in future.”

Shane Hill, Operations Support Manager at Freightliner Southampton – who first brought Work Wallet into the business – commented: “Using Work Wallet has allowed Freightliner Southampton to vastly improve on previous safety briefing delivery methods and controls. Moving  from paper to digital has significantly improved staff communication, as well as making on-site contractor safety, document control and job assignment better. It is great that we are moving forward with Work Wallet across the business.”

Unlike other health, safety, environment software providers, with access to Work Wallet’s comprehensive suite of modular tools, users such as Freightliner pick only the specific modules they need to meet their requirements, keeping budgets in check. With thirteen different essential modules and services to choose from, Work Wallet covers businesses’ complete health and safety needs.

To find out more about how Work Wallet has helped Freightliner improve health and safety, read the case study here 

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